June 13, 2024

“It made me so nervous…”; Jojo Todynho blasts his college classmates and air vents on the web

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“It made me so nervous…”;  Jojo Todynho blasts his college classmates and air vents on the web


The singer complained, on her social networks, that she was constantly photographed in class

Photos: Instagram/Jojo Todynho
Photos: Instagram/Jojo Todynho

funk girl Jojo TudinhoLast Thursday (14), he decided to make a long spree on social networks. Studying law at the college in Rio de JaneiroThe singer has spoken about the experience of dealing with fame in a public setting, where it is usually sought and coveted by fans. According to her, he went too far, especially in the classroom.

“If there’s one thing that’s been making me so nervous lately, it’s that every time there’s some work, some of it crashing in class, people keep shooting. I’m a student like everyone else. Today I’ve changed. Next time I’ll talk.”. JoJo revealed, last month, that she intends to major in the divorce: “Dr. Jordana Todi Advocacia. Divorce Specialist”joked.

At the age of 26, the artist was the target of negative comments for starting school and never quitting. On Instagram, Todynho unleashed the act and faced criticism: “Do you know what I’m doing now? Law school. Do you know what I’m doing now too? Cleaning up my life of people who don’t add up, who don’t add up. And living the process.

“Oh Jojo, but you are rich.” You don’t need to go to college. I need it because knowledge takes up no space. “Ah, will you be ready for this operation?”. Nothing is easy, it has never been easy to get where you are, so why would it be easy now? I’m going to have to give up a lot of riding, a lot of little parties, and a lot of other things I don’t like very much either.”I finish.

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