March 21, 2023
"It will be face to face"

“It will be face to face”


Tricolor Gaucho’s vice president of football, Dénis Abrahão, has confirmed that the team will not terminate the striker’s contract and that there will be a conversation with the No. 10 shirt after his leave.

Pedro H. Tesch / AGIF - Douglas Costa, Grêmio . forward
Pedro H. Tesch / AGIF – Douglas Costa, Grêmio . forward

With some clubs showing interest in Douglas Costa, Grêmio’s vice president of football, Dénis Abrahão, has made it clear that Rio Grande do Sul will not release the player to another team without first receiving financial compensation. In an interview with ‘Rádio Guaíba’, the manager also revealed that the number 10 shirt will have a chat with Grêmio’s managers once he returns to Brazil.

“Let’s sit down and build a good deal for the player and Grêmio. We have to build something interesting and smart for the parties. We’re not going to terminate the contract, he’s an excellent player. Let’s talk, he’s the agent of the process, and we don’t want to pretend we like the player and that the player likes us. If it fits our concept well.” Otherwise, have fun. Grêmio wants to know what he wants. Face to face… He will show his will and we will show ours and we will come to an agreement. We will build a state of improvement for everyone.”

Currently, the 31-year-old striker is enjoying his honeymoon with his wife in Dubai, UAE. Once you return, your stay in Grêmio will be determined. His contract with the club from Rio Grande do Sul is valid until the end of June 2022, but can be extended until December 2023, if there is an agreement with Juventus, the team that loaned him.

Gremio revealed that Douglas Costa would return to the club from Rio Grande do Sul at the start of last season in Brazil. However, his first year was not as expected, as the athlete suffered injuries, only three goals and two assists in 28 matches. In addition, he was involved in some controversies, such as those related to his wedding, in Rio de Janeiro, which he was not released because it was on the eve of the crucial team match in Brazil.