April 13, 2024
It’s not the 1st of April, but 5 pranks that will prank your WhatsApp friends

It’s not the 1st of April, but 5 pranks that will prank your WhatsApp friends

do you want troll your friends in The WhatsAppBut don’t know what to do? We break down 5 good prank ideas that can give you a good laugh even through a messaging app.

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1 – Simulate leaving the group to troll your friends

One of the pranks you can pull to outsmart your friends on WhatsApp is to pretend to leave the group. This is because when someone leaves the conversation, a notification similar to a normal message appears.

Just type “(your name) leave the group”. Many will freak out, especially if you do it after someone has said something or sent you a hint.

2 – Sending content that is not being uploaded

Another prank that can be played on WhatsApp is to send a gif or the shape This is not loaded. The image is just the download image, as if your friend had to touch it to download it again.

It may take a few minutes to realize that the problem is not with the connection, but with your ability to understand the content.

3 – Find the error in the sequence

You can prank your friends by using a string of letters or numbers. Create any kind of sequel and put a subtle error in the supposed question to challenge logic.

There are people who can spend hours trying to solve a puzzle without paying attention to the wrong wording of the question.

4 – Want to troll your friends? Pretend to adopt an animal

This prank can be done especially with those who live in the same house as you. Just use a realistic 3D simulation filter and pretend you took a picture with your new pet. It could be a snake, for example.

The picture looks real, but it’s just a nice joke The WhatsApp.

5 – Finally, the most classic troll of all

Classics never die, they just take on another form. The wave of whining on WhatsApp is over, right? Everyone soon forgot and it’s time to beat your friends again with this classic soundtrack.