February 28, 2024

TVs say Lola prefers Grupo Globo journalism

Only three weeks after the formation of the President’s new government cuttlefishpay and open TV broadcasters already have grievances about the new government.

Reporters from three stations open and closed, they heard it columnclaiming that “it is clear that Lula has already chosen” who will be his spokesperson, at least at the beginning of his government: Grupo Globo.

In a note, the president’s advisor denies any favoritism. As of now, Globo has not commented.

What is remarkable is that Globo was, for decades, a favorite target of Lula and the PT. The tone rose further with the dismissal of Dilma Rousseff.

New year, new guidelines

But everything seems to have changed now.

Since October 30, when he was elected, the president, his ministers and those around him have clearly given preference to the two main cars of the Marinho family collection.

Last week, Lula gave his first interview in the position with GloboNews.

The first two exclusive talks from Ganja, the new First Lady of Brazil, were respectively for Globo and GloboNews.

For example, ministers would talk to other broadcasters, but the initial preference of the most important of them so far was Radio Rio de Janeiro.

Let’s go to the data

On 31 October, the day after the election, after a long period in the Globo News ‘refrigerator’, Gleesi Hoffman, the head of the Labor Party, appeared on the air on the channel to talk about the transition and other measures to be taken by the new government. Gleesi was declared “persona non grata” on the network for months.

On November 13, it was Ganga’s turn to appear on “Fantastico” for the first time, exclusively for her.

The first appearance of the deputy, Geraldo Alcmene (PSB), was for a longer conversation also on GloboNews, on November 17, with Myriam Lettau.

The same thing happened with the Minister of Defense, José Museo, who also spoke about the military coup planners on the Globo pay channel, on December 9.


The first speech by the current Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, was also on GloboNews on December 14th. Several cars were asking him for the privilege, and he chose TV in Rio.

Interestingly, in 2021, he posted a critique of Globo’s coverage on Twitter, while also praising CNN Brasil for its “balance”. CNN and Band repeatedly asked him about an exclusive first right, but the minister preferred to speak first with the global channel.

On December 14, Gleesi, a “former turncoat” by GloboNews, reappeared on the channel as she spoke with Miriam Lettau about her appointment to the ministries.

On January 4, Sports Minister Anna Moser made her first appearance on the Globo news channel. On the same day, Alexandre Padilla (Institutional Relations) did the same, as did Marguerite Menezes (Culture).

The next day, First Lady Ganga reappeared, this time exclusively showing to Globo News the unfortunate state in which the Planalto Palace was left after four years. Jair Bolsonaro.

the other side

sought afterward, Globo had not taken a position until the publication of this memo.

President’s advisor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Submit the following placement:

“On the question of scheduling interviews, I only answer President Lula.

He held press conferences, breakfast with reporters from dozens of cars, exclusive lonely. It will make others, for other vehicles.

I am not responsible for the agenda of interviews with ministers or the president’s wife. I do not dedicate myself to personally evaluating other stations’ coverage.”

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