June 14, 2024

“I’ve already told you I won’t”; Deverson unveils at the last minute on the eve of the reunion and the “boiling” of Palmeiras fans

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"I've already told you I won't";  Deverson unveils at the last minute on the eve of the reunion and the “boiling” of Palmeiras fans

Palm trees

The striker will review his former team for the first time and comment on affection, but he did not hide Cuiaba’s need to win

Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF - Forward always leads to fallout.
Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF – Forward always leads to fallout.

a Palm trees He has already been crowned champion of Brazil, but he still has a few matches in which he will only make the table. The team led by Abel Ferreira will face Cuiaba, Sunday (6), for the round of 36. An interesting fact is that Deverson, who is famous for his time at Palestra, will meet his former club for the first time, but he admits that he will not celebrate if he scores goals.

He was always controversial, and didn’t think twice before answering, but he was guaranteed to command above-average respect for Verdão: “Some said that if I score, I can celebrate. I have already said that I will not go, for five years, out of respect for the Palmeiras Foundation. There will be no dancing. If I score, I do not celebrate.”the attacker told Globo Esporte, adding:

“But I will be there to defend Cuiaba, the crowd who always supported me and applauded. I think it will be a very exciting match. They are already asking me to hold back my tears. I didn’t live that moment of playing for the club and getting support from other fans.”pointed out.

In addition, Deverson also said that he was keen to meet Palmeiras fans again, as he has received many offers of affection on social media since leaving Palestra Italy: “It’s good to see the people who were a part of those moments with me, The Palmeiras fans who keep asking me to come back, they praise me, they applaud me, they say I can score a goal in their net and they celebrate the same way.. But I will not stop fighting for Cuiaba, and I will defend my colors in this Sunday match.”confirmed.

It is still clear that the importance of the game is much greater for Dorado, who needs the three points a lot to try to ensure permanence in Brazil for 2023. As a result, for the striker, this would be the ideal scenario: while Verdao celebrates winning the cup, Dorado celebrates a successful escape from landing: “Let’s make everything beautiful, we won the victory over Palmeiras. They celebrate the title and celebrate the survival”Been completed.

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