February 26, 2024
Palmeiras still has goals to be achieved in Brazil;  know which

Palmeiras still has goals to be achieved in Brazil; know which

a Palmeiras was a hero From Brazil 2022 Last Wednesday (2) and achieved his main goal in the competition. However, anyone who thinks it’s time to get out is wrong. Hurdle, Abel Ferreira’s men already know that these final three rounds of the tournament will be beating scores and records.

With 77 points in the lead, Verdao has nine more points to play for and could reach 86, which means the second-best season in the history of points scored, losing only to Flamengo de Jorge Jesus, in 2019, who added 90 points.

By achieving 100% success in these games, Palmeiras will take a big step towards achieving other goals, such as, for example, scoring the fewest number of defeats in the history of points scored. So far, Abel’s team has only two, but the current number is four (São Paulo -2007, Palmeiras -2018 and Flamengo -2019).

But it doesn’t stop there…Another unprecedented achievement in running points is to finish the tournament without losing away from home. So far, he is undefeated as a visitor and has already been crowned a symbolic champion considering games far beyond their domains. Two matches remain: Cuiaba (round 36) and Internacional (round 38).

If the 2022 title is already undeniable, it could become even more by adding other elements. Only once in the consecutive points history has the club finished the Brazilian League as Best Visitor, Best Home Team, Best Attack, Best Defense, First Round Champion and Round Two Champion: Corinthians 2015.

This is something Palmeiras can match in 2022, as at the moment the team is the best in all these aspects, but only two of them are guaranteed: the best visitor and the first-round champion. The rest is possible, but the competition is intense, as is the home team standings and the second round.

It is worth noting that if none of these goals is achieved, it will not tarnish the Brazilian title, but if these milestones are achieved, it will cement an already undeniable historical achievement. Palmeiras are well-deserved Brazilian champions, and this will only show that they have the competition.

Check out the above ratings:

Best manager:
1) Palmeiras – 40 points (18 games).
2) International – 38 points (17 games)
3) Corinthians – 37 points (17 games).

Best visitor:
1) Palmeiras – 37 points (17 games).
2) Fluminense – 28 points (18 games).
3) Botafogo – 28 points (17 games).

first round
1) Palm trees – 39 points
2) Corinthians – 35 points
3) Fluminense – 34 points

second transformation
1) Palm trees – 38 points
2) International – 34 points
3) Stronghold – 33 points

best attack
1) Palmeiras – 63 goals
2) Flamengo – 57 goals
3) Fluminense – 56 goals

best defense
1) Palmeiras – 22 goals
2) International – 31 goals
3) Corinth – 33 goals