June 12, 2024

Ivete jokes about vaccines, crocodiles and shakes on the web

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Ivete jokes about vaccines, crocodiles and shakes on the web

On episode two of “The Masked Singer Brasil,” this evening, 49-year-old Ivete Sangalo stole the show at the start of the Rede Globo attraction, stating that the crocodile character was “cute and grafted.”

Shortly after the masked character was summoned to appear on stage, the presenter declared that there was no reason to be afraid of the crocodile and mentioned vaccination against COVID-19 – a reference to the president’s speech. Jair Bolsonaro (No party) around the animal’s heart after receiving a vaccination.

It’s scary, but I’m not afraid of it. Deep down, he’s very cute. Log in here and show that the crocodile is immune. Yvette Sangalo

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Masked Brazilian singer: Jacari appears on the show

Photo: Playback / TV Globo

On social media, Ivete Sangalo’s comment fell like a bombshell. After all, the singer was considered an “exempt” and even a supporter of the President of the Republic.

Understand the repercussions

In June, Yvette lamented the 500,000 deaths from COVID-19 in Brazil. In an Instagram post, she also stressed that her comment did not refer to politicians or parties managing anti-epidemic policies.

However, experts point out that Lack of government measures at the beginning of the epidemic, a Indication of medicines without proven efficacyHey Doubting the use of masks – which reduces the risk of transmission – and Rejection of vaccine contracts Affected the situation in Brazil.

Bolsonaro’s government has led such posts and was backed by supporters and politicians from his base in Congress, as well as governors and mayors allied to the federal government. Even without a party, the president has the support of other parties, the so-called “centrão”.

On social media, fans questioned Yvette. immediately afterwards, Anitta has linked the 500,000 deaths to Bolsonaro and some netizens have pointed to the Bahia singer.

After that it was Fans asked him why they don’t criticize Jair Bolsonaro’s (non-partisan) governmentIvete Sangalo made a new statement on Instagram.

I understand how necessary it is at this moment not to question what I believe. This existing government does not even represent me before the idea of ​​its existence existed. That will be resolved when we join forces in the upcoming elections through the power of voting. Now let’s unite in favor of what we can do in our spaces to beat this chaos: use masks, hygiene, vaccinations, and whatever else is necessary. So we can vaccinate. I support the vaccine for everyone.

battle night

The second night of “The Masked Singer Brasil” brought six participants to show their musical talent on stage. reality From Rede Globo: Jacaré, Brigadeiro, Gata Espelhada, Boi-Bumbá, Onça Pintada, Monstro.

Jaccari and Brigadeiro opened the night of performances. The crocodile character sang a voice Song “Bebi Liguei” by Marilia Mendonca, while Brigadeiro sang “Chocolate” by Tim Maya.

In audience favour, Jacaré won the fight with 83% of the vote and set Jacaré to fight to stay on the program in a replay.

Gata Espelhada and Boy Bomba sang next on the stage of the Rede Globo attraction. The Gata Espelhada song brought Lauryn Hill’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Of You” to the stage. O Boi-Bumbá in turn sang “Admirável Gado Novo” by Ze Ramalho.

Boi-Bumbá won the fight and moved to the next stage of “The Masked Singer Brasil” with 57% of the vote.

Finally, Onça Pintada and Monstro ended their night of performances in “The Masked Singer”. Onça Pintada sang “Anunciação” by Alceu Valença, and Monstro performed “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake.

In the audience’s preference for the program, Onça Pintada won the musical duel thanks to 62% of the votes.

Jaccari, who was in charge of performing “Bebi Liguei” by singer Marília Mendonça, elected the masked participant with the best musical performance that night.

On the other hand, Renata Serebelli watched two characters “Cat” and “Monster” being chosen to gain another chance and ended up bidding them farewell. reality show TV Globo Musical Instruments.

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