July 14, 2024

Whindersson Nunes’ ex-fiancée displays her pregnant belly and releases herself

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Whindersson Nunes' ex-fiancée displays her pregnant belly and releases herself
Whindersson Nunes' ex-fiancée displays her pregnant belly and releases herself

Maria Lena, the former fiancée of Whindersson Nunes, called out her pregnancy and talked about the stage

The fiancé of the former comedian Wenderson NunesAn engineering student and digital influencer, Maria Lina, decided to remember a very special phase of her life. She showed a beautiful picture showing her belly while she was waiting for her son, Joao Miguel.

Unfortunately, the baby did not resist after being born very early at just 22 weeks old. But Maria Lina made sure to announce herself to young Joao Miguel and talked about the good times she had when she expected her son to live with her. Wenderson Nunes.

Maria Lina showed her a photo showing her pregnant belly in front of the fire. And when she showed the record, she said, “Yesterday was Pregnant Woman’s Day, and I couldn’t post a picture of that belly that made me so happy. It was the best six months of my life!”

Netizens were only praising the record that Maria Lena showed about her pregnancy. “Beautiful belly! A netizen commented, you’ll have a chance to have that belly again and God will bless you beautiful one.” Another user said, “You’re such a beautiful girl, so much happiness is coming for you!”.

One netizen commented: “Beautiful! I am sure God will still give you many children.” Another netizen also said: “Beautiful! May God give you another beautiful belly! He is wonderful, he will always be in power, you deserve a thousand happiness! May the Lord always take care of you.”
Maria Lina and Wenderson Nunes They announced the end of their engagement four days ago. They were together for nine months. Unfortunately, even after the end, Maria Lena still received criticism from quite a few Internet users.

Facing one such criticism, one netizen described her as a gold digger using very harsh words. Then Maria Lena replied: “Although they are in the minority, the trials are still going on. From people who do not know me, who do not know my true story and feelings. Women who judge others, do better.”

Maria Lena remembers when she was expecting her baby with Whindersson Nunes

Launch Instagram Maria Lena remembers when she was pregnant with Whindersson Nunes

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