March 1, 2024
Ivy Moraes and Fernando Borges of Power Couple Brasil 6 are disqualified with 14.99% of the vote - Power Couple Brasil 6

Ivy Moraes and Fernando Borges of Power Couple Brasil 6 are disqualified with 14.99% of the vote – Power Couple Brasil 6

a Brazil Power Couple 6 It ended up with Ivy Moraes and Fernando Borges. The pair were disqualified from competing in this Thursday’s live show (16) with 14.99% of the vote. They lost a general preference dispute in favor of Adryana Ribeiro, Albert Bressan, Brenda Paixão and Matheus Sampaio in a vote held in

Ivy and Fernando were bitter about a job in the Dominican Republic To accumulate the lowest balance per week. Adriana and Albert, in turn, RIt was the worst performer on the pairs test. Couple Brenda and Matthews Nominated by vote of opponents.

In fact, the model and entrepreneur has had a path marked by moments of fun and disappointment as well. In the first weeks of confinement, the duo of digital influencers showed their open side. be with Ivy telling her stories or with Nandu teases his girlfriend.

At parties, the businesswoman gave herself for real and used to enjoy until the last minute on the dance floor. Even within the Power Palace, She was always in the group that stretched A little more fun.

There were also moments of contention. The two starred in several discussions in confinement. Once, They differed about a point of view In the match, Fernando said: “Let me have my say.” In another situation, the miner was disappointed with her husband’s performance in the tests. He is tired and breathless, noting that Ivy owes him more respect for being his only ally in the fray.

Friends of most spouses, they have always looked for ways to settle intrigues. One morning, after seeing Adriana crying over the soiled dishes, they quickly set out to clean the sink. “Everyone knows what they’re doing.”Indicates the model during washing.

During a fight between Andrea Andrade and Nahim against Brenda Baixaw and Matthews Sampaio, Ivy got angry at influencers and said she was sick of the pair. “Disrespectful,” the model yelled.set up by some of the participants.

In fact, the constant bickering between the Bretheus spouses made get rid of brendawho maintained his friendship with him. However, after the make-up artist returns from DR, The two sat down to talk And for a while they were right and kept the peace.

However, the temperate climate was short-lived. Ivy and Nandinho – as he was called at the palace – I was completely disappointed After Brenda and Matthews voted for Luana Andrade and Joao Haddad, with whom they have established a very strong relationship. The couple retaliated by voting and the situation resulted In a big fight over breakfast.

With the ups and downs of the program’s challenges, the miner and its partner managed to take the position of Casal Power After winning the pairs test. More than that, it was up to them to use the power of the energy with which they could take someone out of the DR. In the fifth round they saved Michelle Bassa and Bruno Bassa, Who chose Cartolo and Gabe Augusto To take the stool in place. The journalist and businesswoman was eliminated this time.

Not afraid to play, the two were one of the few couples in the Power Mansion who didn’t turn their backs on Albert and Adriana after many disagreements between them and the other players. The coexistence was friendly.

During the interval force dynamics, The singer even cried when putting Ivy and Nandu Like the couple have a lot of affection. The artist was grateful to win a cozy room in the rooms division of Casal Power.

Ivy and Fernando’s engagement ended on a great track. The couple had no public preference and were disqualified on Thursday (16).

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