June 18, 2024

James Webb discovered new galaxies

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James Webb discovered new galaxies

Astronomical things always surprise us. More recently, the space telescope James Webb Discover images of six possible galaxies that are so massive that they have not yet been classified by any cosmological category. According to astrophysicists, they appear to have been created during the early years of the universe. See details.

The more technology advances, the more astrophysicists are amazed

According to the content revealed by Space.com, the selected six galaxies are the size of the Milky Way. In addition, it consists of mature red stars that appear scattered in the images. The difficulty in deciphering the new finds is great, since there are no details about them.

These six galaxies could force astronomers to rewrite cosmology textbooks. (Image credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, I. LABBE)

Did these galaxies form long ago?

For co-author of the new paper and assistant professor of astrophysics at CU Boulder, Erica Nelson, the early universe wasn’t able to organize its formations so quickly, so they are believed to have been around since the early years of the universe.


As captured by Webb’s telescope, they look like small red spots. For researchers, it was, in fact, visible in the early years of the universe. About 500 to 700 million years after the Big Bang.

For astronomers, the first clusters of stars It was formed after the universe emerged from the “Dark Ages” which marked 400 million years ago. It was a thick fog of hydrogen, with atoms filling the space.

Did they serve in some kind of comparative study?

Yes! Then the researchers decided to make comparisons. As a result, they note, the cluster of galaxies seen in Webb’s images is eerily large, like stars that look very old. The young ones glow bright blue. As your fuel burns, they change color until they are redder. This phenomenon occurs in the aging process.

Moreover, the red dots seen in Webb’s deep fields appear to be 50 times larger.

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