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Janssen vaccine protection will not be enough against Covid, study indicates – 09/14/2021

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Janssen vaccine protection will not be enough against Covid, study indicates - 09/14/2021

After distrust of AstraZeneca, which causes rare cases of pulmonary embolism, is it time to avoid Janssen by the French people? The question was raised after a French study revealed that protection from a single dose of the coronavirus vaccine would not be enough.

The survey was carried out by the pharmacovigilance centers in Lyon and Grenoble and published by the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines on Tuesday (14). The report cites a “significant number of vaccine failures” for the immune system from Johnson & Johnson, especially against delta variable.

With the data available to date, the long-term efficacy of this vaccine cannot be confirmed.

From July 9 to August 26, the two French Centers for Pharmacovigilance are tasked with monitoring Janssen’s side effects. The data collected detail the role played by the immunizing agent, or not, in the onset of various symptoms, more or less severe, such as thrombosis, facial paralysis, brain attack convulsions, and others.

At this point, the balance is positive. The document notes that “these side effects are isolated, and do not indicate a specific role for the antiviral vaccine, and so far, there is no direct relationship between Janssen and the deaths recorded in the country.”

A large number of people vaccinated with Janssen are in intensive care units

But given the large number of people who took a single dose of the vaccine and were later admitted to intensive care units with Covid-19, the French agency notes a potential risk of immune system failure. The report emphasized that these patients suffer or suffer from severe comorbidities. They were hospitalized more than 21 days after they were vaccinated. New investigations are underway.

The large percentage of people who got Janssen yet contracted with Corona Virus The intensive care needed is alarming. In Marseille, of the seven fully vaccinated patients who were admitted to resuscitation service during the research period, four received a Johnson & Jonhson immunization agent. In Tours, that proportion was three out of six inpatients.

By the end of August, 1 million doses of Janssen vaccine had been administered in France. Of the people who received the single injection, 32 cases of Covid-19 were reported, which represents a rate of 3.78 per 100,000. Of those infected, 29 became seriously ill, and four died. The ages of the victims ranged between 73 and 87 years.

delta variable

Health authorities are not aware of the variant responsible for contamination in about half of the cases, but of the 17 known cases, all were caused by the delta variant.

Janssen offers the advantage of getting a single dose, but since late August France’s High Health Authority has recommended that people vaccinated with Johnson & Jonhson receive a second dose of an RNA-based immune system, ie from Pfizer or Moderna. The recommendation was accepted by the French Ministry of Health.

The newspaper heard infectious disease specialist Benjamin Davido ParisianJanssen’s case is not exceptional. “There is no vaccine or breakthrough treatment that provides long-term immunity against colds or infection of the coronavirus family,” the expert recalls.

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