June 24, 2024

Pig-faced shark found in the Mediterranean | Globalism

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Pig-faced shark found in the Mediterranean |  Globalism

Pictures of a “pig-faced” shark drew attention when it was published by US Navy officials Italy Work in the tray area for a few days. They found the animal already afloat and dead and removed it from the Mediterranean.

However, the strange appearance is that of a familiar animal. Called in Portuguese the jagged angled shark (Oxynotus centrina), it is actually called a pig shark in some harbors because it makes a noise resembling a boar’s roar as it is pulled out of the water.

The angular bristle shark (Oxynotus centrina) found in the Mediterranean near the island of Elba – Photo: clone / Facebook / Isola d’Elba App

This species is on the endangered list because it lives in areas where there is a lot of hunting, and ends up being an accidental victim of this activity.

It has a small and wide body, but it is its head that really stands out, looking very different from more common sharks.

The rough-angled shark can be found almost along the coast of the Mediterranean and the west coast of Africa, as well as some areas of Europe.

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