June 14, 2024

João Pessoa 21+ generic vaccine with the first dose from Monday

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João Pessoa 21+ generic vaccine with the first dose from Monday

Joao Pessoa City Council on Monday (16) will begin vaccination against Covid-19 for the public aged 21 years with the first dose, at 23 sites across the city. Driving stations will be open from 10am to 10pm (D1) and gyms from 8am to 12pm.

The second dose of Astrazeneca and Pfizer immunization devices will also be available, at six stations, to those who have taken the first dose 90 days ago. Gyms will be open for second doses from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The appointment will be open from 7:00 PM this Sunday (15) through the Vacina João Pessoa app or the Vacina.joaopessoa.pb.gov.br website. Thus, the citizen ensures vaccination in the specified place with agility and all necessary health care.

Anyone who has any issues with recording or scheduling a vaccination can contact Vaccination at [email protected] or call 98600-4815 (8am-5pm) with any questions.

The required documents – To receive the first dose of the vaccine, it is necessary to present an official document with a photo, SUS card, CPF and proof of residence in João Pessoa. For the second dose, it is necessary to bring a document with a photo and a vaccination card indicating the date of the initial application.

free shipping People who need to travel from one neighborhood to another to get the vaccine can use the free services of the 99 Apps and Uber, in partnership with the City Hall of João Pessoa and the state government, respectively.

To guarantee access to the 99 service, citizens using the platform must access the application, in the 99 Pop category, and enter the promo code ‘Promocodes’, intended exclusively for transportation to vaccination points in João Pessoa. The code to be entered in the Uber app is VACINAPB and each user can only enter it once, which guarantees free for the two rides, which should be up to BRL 25 each.

symbiosis Vaccination centers are also open to receive non-perishable food donations. Once collected, it will be distributed to charities and needy families affected by the effects of the pandemic. The collection and distribution is part of a joint initiative of the city of Joao Pessoa and the state government.

Vaccination against Covid-19 on Monday (16/8):

First dose (21+)

Gyms (8am to 12pm)

Health District One

– ECIT Pope Paul 6 (Cruz das Armas)

Dom Jose Maria Perez Municipal School (Oitezero)

– Prof. Oscar de Castro Municipal School (Cross of Arms)

Duarte da Silveira Municipal School (Costa e Silva)

Second healthy neighborhood

Francisco Pereira da Nobrega Municipal School (Christ the Redeemer)

– Journalist at the Municipal School Raimundo Nonato Batista (Grammy)

– Leônidas Santiago Municipal School (Varjão)

Darcy Ribeiro Municipal School (2nd staff)

Third Health District

– Lt. Lucena Cultural Center (Mangabira)

– Radegundes Feitosa Municipal School (José Américo)

– Prof. Afonso Pereira da Silva Municipal School (Green City 2)

Fourth Health District

Ginacio Evan Kantisani (Tambia)

– Violetta Formiga Municipal School (Mandakaru)

– IFPB (Jaguars)

Fifth Health District

– Lionel Brisola Municipal School (Tampauzinho)

Serafico Municipal School in Nobrega (Tampash)

Conego Matthias Freire Municipal School (tower)

– ECIT President Joao Goulart (Castelo Branco)

DRIVE-THRU D1 – 10h às 22h

– The Queen Mother’s Sanctuary (Airclub)

– UFPB access via HU (Castelo Branco)

– Mangabira Shopping Center (also pedestrian)

– Oninasau (next to the states)

– SESI (Costa and Silva)

second dose

Pfizer (who took the first dose 90 days ago)

Gyms (8am to 12pm)

– trenches (trenches)

Augusto Crispem School (Baero dos Epes)

– Olivio Ribeiro Campos Municipal School (Banks)

DRIVE-THRU D2 – 8h às 15h

Unipe (cold water)

Astrazeneca (who took their first dose 90 days ago)

Gyms – 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

– Licio Paraibano (Midfielder)

Club Cabo Branco (Miramar)

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