June 18, 2024

Plus Bitcoin and Ethereum: 5 Cryptocurrencies to Watch, According to Experts

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São Paulo – Although there is still much discussion, the file Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) have increasingly established themselves as an alternative investment option, unrelated to the traditional market and the influence of economics and politics on their prices.

In recent years, the growth of Bitcoin, the world’s largest digital currency, has been highlighted. Although it is necessary to emphasize that this is a riskier investment than any other available, recommendations are becoming popular for investors with bolder profiles to get up to a maximum of 5% of crypto activity in their portfolios.

Although Bitcoin is the largest, it is not the only digital asset available, and in this trajectory of more than 10 years, other currencies have emerged with different proposals, which can be good opportunities given that they are still at an early stage – the ability to offer more Returns, but also more risks.

Ethereum They were excluded from the list because they became more cohesive and known to the public and were no longer in the initial stage of investing in cryptocurrencies.

Rodrigo Miranda, who is in charge of Bitcoin University, explains that even if it is to diversify in this market, between 60% and 70% of the cryptocurrency portfolio should be exposed to Bitcoin. He recommends another 20% in Ethereum and only the rest, about 10%, split into other digital currencies known as altcoins.

As noted by Samir Kerbaj, chief technology officer at Hashdex, in addition to payment method currencies such as Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market can be divided into four “segments”: smart contracts; Decentralized Finance (DeFi, its English acronym); icons Non-Fungibles (NFTs); Web Calling Applications 3.0.

Fourteen cryptocurrencies were cited among the experts consulted, but five were of more importance and were voted on more than once. Check out the list, and remember that there is no order of the most recommended or with better expectations:

1) Polkadot (Point)

One of the most well-known concepts in the world of cryptography is the so-called smart contracts (Smart contracts), which are digital contracts, using programming rules, have specific rules to be executed. The best known protocol of this type is Ethereum.

But he’s not the only one, and for Safiri Félix, Director of Product and Partnerships at Transfero Swiss, platforms that compete with Ethereum and that succeed in learning from the scalability problem they face have great potential.

In this sense, Polkadot was one of the tokens cited by experts. It is a “multi-chain network” that aims to create a system of interoperable blockchains, called “parachains”, that connect to Polkadot and run the work in parallel.

According to Safiri, the concept of “parachains” and the integration of multiple blockchains is exactly what makes Polkadot more attractive. “they [desenvolvedores] They have an interesting use case, because the project is focused on interoperability, and it has interesting potential,” he says.

Rodrigo Miranda of Bitcoin University shares the same vision, who sees the integration this network allows as a big draw for him in the future.

Polkadot’s interoperability aims to create a completely decentralized, private Internet, controlled by its users, simplifying the creation of new applications, organizations, and services.

Its protocol connects public and private chains, unauthorized networks, oracles and other future technologies, allowing these independent blockchains to reliably share information and transactions through the Polkadot relay chain.

Polkadot’s original DOT code seeks to provide network and process management, as well as create parachains.

2) Solana (Sol)

Another token that has been commented on a lot by experts is Solana, which was created entirely to rival Ethereum, being a blockchain platform focused on providing fast, cheap and scalable solutions to standalone contracts.

Solana’s goal is to improve network scalability by introducing Proof of History (PoH) consensus along with Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus. This combination has attracted the attention of both individual and institutional investors.

For Krebge, Solana, like Polkadot, is an interesting project in terms of infrastructure, moving to the so-called “second tier”, which focuses on application to decentralized assets.

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On the other hand, Ambassador Sveri says Solana “is one of the projects that has the most potential”. “They have a very competent technical team, they have good development funding and they are building an ecosystem very quickly,” he assesses.

Miranda, in turn, says Solana’s team “offers a lot”, relying on a fast network, at low rates, as well as having its own blockchain.

“The big difference is that there is a large group behind it, Alameda Research, which also has a percentage in the FTX project and is growing,” he says, boosting the investments being made in the network. “It doesn’t have a lot of advertising, but it does offer a lot.”

3) avi (avi)

Aave is another cryptocurrency that has grabbed the market’s attention and is well-received by professionals, mainly due to its outstanding project, which focuses on loans using tokens via the blockchain, i.e. decentralized, without the intermediary of financial institutions.

Miranda highlights that today is the cryptocurrency with the largest volume in the market when it comes to loans, he was the one who came up with this scenario, being a good asset for diversification.

Aave operates using smart contract technology on the Ethereum network, ensuring security and agility in operations between lenders and borrowers.

On the other hand, investors with stored crypto activities can lend to other people using Aave, earning from the transaction benefits. There are currently more than 20 tokens allowed on the network.

On the other hand, those who have any of the accepted cryptocurrencies can borrow using this network, quickly, with the security guaranteed by the blockchain, without any bureaucracy and without the need for other assets as collateral.

4) Cardano (exist)

The fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Cardano is already known to many people, but its potential has turned out to be much more dangerous due to the many promises made by the developers that are yet to be delivered.

“If she delivers what’s promising, she has a lot of potential,” Miranda says. “She is in another time. While Solana, for example, makes a lot and makes very few promises, Cardano has already promised a lot, but not yet. If she starts to make it happen, she has great potential to appreciate.”

Cardano is a network that mixes a few different well-known crypto projects. On the one hand, it aims to operate in smart contract operations, such as Ethereum, while on the other hand, it also wants to act as a regular cryptocurrency, somewhat like Bitcoin.

It is a platform that aims to work in tandem with all other cryptocurrencies, as it believes that they will work together in the future. In short, Cardano addresses many problems that are powered by different tokens and tries to solve them.

Safiri highlights that there are high expectations that Cardano will start releasing the first smart contracts In your network, which is supposed to have a very positive effect on the price of the asset.

Last week, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson indicated that a network update would be announced soon and that the investor, according to him, “will be able to implement smart contracts on Cardano.”

5) AXS

In an industry completely different from previous assets, Axie Infinity has become one of the hottest coins in recent months. Working in the field of NFTs and mixing with online games, AXS enjoyed strong recognition in 2021 as gamers thrive on its platform.

Created on the Ethereum blockchain, Axie Infinity is a game with the face of Pokémon, and also combines the concepts of card games and strategy, where the user can improve their characters and earn a token when they meet certain requirements, called Smooth Love Potions (SLPs), and it is also a cryptocurrency that can be traded .

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Its popularity has caused the price of the AXS token to skyrocket this year, but one factor that has caught the eye is the idea that its players are earning thousands of dollars per month within the platform.

As Alex Buelau, Partner at Parfin points out, this is currently the most popular game on the blockchain, which follows a model of returning in tokens by simply playing the so-called “play to earn.”

Kerbage says the gaming sector tends to benefit a lot from this new model. “This new gameplay, which uses NFT, has good growth potential,” he says.

Other Cryptocurrencies

With more than 11,000 cryptocurrencies today, other assets may also arise as good opportunities and experts recommend that each investor do his own research, study and follow the data of the cryptocurrency he intends to invest.

Among the symbols referred to by the experts who heard them Infomoney, appeared after polygon (matic)And link chain (Link)And Uniswap (UNI)And compound (COMP) NS Filecoin (FILE), although it has less potential than the aforementioned cryptocurrencies.

Miranda also commented on Switch pie (cake), a token from one of the largest Decentralized Brokers (DEX) out there, which has surged in value by more than 2500% this year. However, he points out that this is an asset that is more risky than most and that care must be taken when investing.

According to him, this high risk is linked to the fact that it is a cryptocurrency that still needs a lot of development and improvement, and the platform is currently working on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. “There is not much information yet [sobre PancakeSwap], and then the greater danger,” he says.

Buelau, of Parfin, also highlights three other cryptocurrencies that are off the market’s radar. The first is flow (flow), which is a blockchain focused on the gaming and entertainment market with NFTs, and already has partnerships with the NBA and other large companies.

Another asset is Hathor (HTR), which was created by Brazilians with the aim of simplifying the launch of new tokens and also has advanced technology that allows processing millions of transactions per second. With no cost and such an emphasis on coding, Buelau sees a good opportunity off the radar.

Finally, he also mentions helium (HNT), is a blockchain in the part focused on Web 3.0 that aims to create a wireless data network, where consumers and small businesses use the network to enhance and validate this coverage, and it is a kind of wi-fi mining.

Experts stress that you should always study each cryptocurrency carefully before investing, understand its performance and potential, and avoid buying just because it is going strong or because you have heard it well. Also remember that Bitcoin and Ethereum are still the biggest exposures to crypto wallets.

For beginners, or those who don’t want to have to choose which assets they want to invest, there are other options in the market rather than investing directly in cryptocurrencies, such as funds, with a large variety of new ETFs being launched on the exchange that can Help diversify this portfolio.

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