February 29, 2024
Jorge Braga's lawyer complains about John Textor and says SAF Botafogo 'shattered jobs' for ex-CEO

Jorge Braga’s lawyer complains about John Textor and says SAF Botafogo ‘shattered jobs’ for ex-CEO

. press office Jorge Braga put itself on The departure of the CEO Botafogo in justicecriticism and complaints were made about John Textor He listed his reasons. Who is the lawyer? Rodrigo quota.

📄 Read below the position posted by “Lance!”:

“In connection with the departure of professional Jorge Braga from the position of CEO of Botafogo SAF, attorney Rodrigo Cota, partner of the law firm SulaimanAnd the kayokaAnd the lbrahimAnd the the Fox And the quota Associates have the following to clarify:

1) The Rio Court of Justice issued a preliminary ruling recognizing that Botafogo SAF had crushed Braga’s jobs and prevented him from fully exercising his function as chief executive of the club;

two) Jorge Braga, even after being seriously ill for two months, did not stop working for the club, often taking on jobs outside his scope, always in the sense of helping the SAF. Three practical examples from among the thousands of documents attached to the work:

The) CT was overrun by the crowd, on 06/15, when he was hospitalized at Albert Einstein Hospital;

B) He went to personally check the performance of the LED banners and the condition of the Nelton Santos Stadium in the match between Botafogo and Juventud, on the 1st of May, a situation confirmed by the Botafogo television broadcast and praised by the audience;

ç) A few days after hospitalization, surgery and COVID, he was the sole SAF representative in the stadium accompanying the Dia de Cria event, on 7/2;

3) Soon after the negotiations ended, the American businessman emptied the powers of Jorge Braga, terminated contracts with suppliers and sponsors and hired professionals without prior knowledge of the then CEO. Practically speaking, Braga did not have the autonomy to purchase a cup of coffee on behalf of the SAF;

4) The professional decided to file a lawsuit this week to settle his role, for not being paid for four months and contractual default by John Textor regarding bonus payments and variable salary.

He also needed to take this position to continue his career, as he was under an exclusive contract;

5) In the past 120 days, precisely because of the affection and admiration he showed for Botafogo, Braga, in vain, tried to make a friendly composition. He was deceived with false promises by the owner of the SAF and had no alternative but to demand the termination of the contract and the payment of his rights;

6) Finally, the professional reiterates his respect for the people of Botafogo and the institution of Botafogo, sentiments which have not diminished in any way, despite the numerous contemptuous attitudes of John Textor, whose temperament and lack of respect for commitments threaten his future personally. company. SAF for which Braga has worked so hard.”