February 1, 2023

Jose Aldo breaks silence at Bolsonaro’s reception in Florida

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Former UFC fighter Jose Aldo He broke the silence and explained to the Flow Podcast why he welcomed the former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in the mansion you ownlocated in a Brazilian condominium in Orlando, Florida (USA). Bolsonaro left Brazil on December 30, 2022, avoiding the possibility of being arrested after the inauguration of Lula (Workers’ Party) on January 1. At that time, he was given a title “Captain Escape”.

“The whole house is in Disney style, in the garage there are pictures of fights, belts, etc. I lend the house to everyone. It has 9 rooms, a pool, everything “property details.

According to a report Jose AldoBolsonaro had contacted the former athlete to request residency. “I lend my house to actresses, actors, athletes and friends, it’s normal. When he called me to ask me I said: “falling into my house”’, exposed. But opening the doors was not just a friendly matter.

Jose Aldo also mentioned that the presence of the former president, who is currently under investigation on 16 fronts in Brazil, would bring visibility to his property. “Everyone on the other side is going to strike, but I haven’t thought about it. Either way, there are always bonuses and rewards. The street is crowded and I get a lot of letters from people wanting to rent there. I don’t think left or right, but work (… ) For example, if I go to Las Vegas, I want to stay in the room where Elvis Presley stayed. The house is more sought after because of Bolsonaro”explained.

Jose Aldo also told the podcast that after retiring from the rings he lives as an investor in Brazil. With his UFC fortune, he has purchased real estate in Brazil and the United States, as well as investing in stocks, from which he derives his current income. Regarding the emergency aid his wife Vivian received during the pandemic, he claims to suspect fraud. We have taken appropriate measures. At that time there were a lot of scams and scams. They put up your CPF number for you to receive and when you would have asked someone they actually did.”.