June 26, 2022
Jose Alfredo changes the future of Isis before facing dire consequences.  TV news

Jose Alfredo changes the future of Isis before facing dire consequences. TV news

in a empire, Jose Alfredo (Alexander Neroand Maria IsisMarina Ruy BarbosaShe will have one last meeting. The leader will promise that he will have all the time in the world for his mistress after facing his enemies, but she will doubt his words. He will then hand an envelope to the redhead, who will make her a millionaire in the final chapter of Globo at 9 AM.

Before the chase Jose Pedro (Cayo Plat) , Oh Alexander Nero character It will solve some outstanding issues. Fearing death, he will hand a document to his nymph and ask her to open it just in case something happens to him.

In the scene that will aired next Thursday (4),Maria Isis You wouldn’t welcome the “man in black” in the warmest way possible. You won’t believe it when her lover says he knows he’s wrong for her and will soon have more free time. The girl will say, “Nothing new, I should have gotten used to it. I think I’ve heard that promise before.”

“Don’t talk or look at me like that. I promise this time will be different. I’m about to finish, for better or worse,” he would declare Jose Alfredo. He will give the role of the nymph, who will despair at the thought of losing her. “Zé, for God’s sake,” will ask the redhead after a cinematic kiss interrupts him.

“I love you forever, don’t forget it,” Maria Marta’s husband will declare (Lilia Cabral), in a farewell mood. Magnolia’s daughter (Zizi Police) bursts into tears and looks at the sealed document without knowing what to do. Later, her mother will encourage her to open the mysterious envelope.

The truck will suggest, “Run into your apartment and open this business right away.” The two will be together when you read the document. “He left part of his fortune. I hope nothing happens today, but this guarantees his future,” said the old warrior, relieved.

Maria Isis will finish the novel, widow and rich. She will become a partner in the Medeiros jewelry store and will travel with her rival to Mount Roraima, where the ashes of the leader will be scattered at a beautiful funeral.

Written by Aguinaldo Silva, Império (2014) won a “Special Edition” for Connect the remaining hole after the end from mother’s love Globo prime time. unpublished place in the sun, Next TV series in the 9 p.m. range, Its premiere was postponed in the second half of this year.

In addition to spoilers, the the news publish daily Summary of the nine o’clock series That the station is being repeated due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

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