June 26, 2022
Luciano Hack praised Globo's quality and Burchat mocks recording at an event

Luciano Hack praised Globo’s quality and Burchat mocks recording at an event

a Globe Promote this Thursday (28) to UPFront Globo, where he announced new programming for 2022. The event featured artists from the network, such as Luciano Hackwho ordered a portion.

NS entertainment Accompany the event, aimed at advertising agencies and advertisers. Huck opened up and said Globo is probably going through its biggest transformation. The presenter also praised the station.

“Perhaps the greatest transformation in its history.”, Luciano Hack said of the Globo moment. In the opening speech he said, Highlight the famous quality standard of the channel.

The event was attended by several employees appointed by the station. Set in August, Marcus Mion appeared to be talking about his new reality show on Multishow, Túnel do Amor.

Fábio Porchat makes fun of Mion

The event is integrated with all Globo channels, be it open-air or pay-TV. Fabio Borchat also participated and welcomed Mion. without naming names, The comedian scoffed at giving a hint to scoreAlso, where did it come from? “Refugees are always welcomed with great affection here”Borscht said.

Globo sports presenter Lucas Gutierrez looks funny. The journalist was present at the part of the event who spoke about sporting events.

Gutierrez spoke about the World Cup in Qatar. In one excerpt, he appeared in an Arabic restaurant in Rio de Janeiro and joked that, as the World Cup sponsorship stakes had not yet been sold, He didn’t have the money to register outside Brazil.

Fernanda Gentile was responsible for presenting the news about the soap operas. With unreleased productions in short supply due to the pandemic, Globo is preparing for the return of all unreleased series.

Globo News

Gentile has spoken with names like Kawa Raymond, Dera Pais, and Lilia Cabral. Cauã will be the protagonist of Um Lugar ao Sol, the upcoming TV series at 9 AM. Dira is set to remake the Pantanal, which follows. On the other hand, Lilia was adapted into Olho por Olho, a series by João Emanuel Carneiro that debuted in the second half of 2022.

Larissa Manuela sent a message straight from the studios where he was recording Alem da Elsaw, the next six TV series. She said she is looking forward to her debut on Globo.

“I’m in a hurry ready for another day to score Beyond Illusion. I’m so excited about this return to the studios and my debut on the TV series Globo. To be able to be a part of 70 years of TV series history is a huge honor.”said the actress.

Gentile left a message for Larissa and said that he was confident of her success on the network. “More success. I know you will shine a lot here at Globo with us”, announced the presenter.

in the studio, Throw a hack at As Five. The series is derived from Malhação: Viva a Diferença will have a second season which opens next year. First, with an exhibition on Globoplay, and then broadcast on Open TV.

Luciano Huck even tried to get news from the actresses As Five about the new season, but they dodged

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