March 4, 2024
Journalist Cesar Tralli's mother dies

Journalist Cesar Tralli’s mother dies

Yesterday, Edna Tralee, the mother of journalist Cesar Tralee, died. The information was revealed by Ticiane Pinheiro, the wife of the presenter of the “Jornal Hoje” (TV Globo) program.

“Go in peace, mother-in-law. I really miss your hugs, your affection, our conversations and your love. I will love you forever. God welcomes you with open arms,” ​​the host wrote on Instagram.

Rafa Justus, daughter of Tralee, also mourned the loss.

The 13-year-old wrote: “Think of a woman with a giant heart, intriguing, very loving, a super-grandmother. That was her, Edna Tralee, the grandmother who gave me life.” girl.

“It was so privileged to live with you and learn so much! It was so hard to say goodbye like that out of the blue, I miss you so much now. Rest in peace, my fairy godmother. I love you and I will always love you from the bottom of my heart wherever you are. Thank you for everything” .

The cause of Edna’s death was not revealed. So far, Tralee has not expressed himself on social media.

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In 2018, Tralee lost her sister Gabriella, who was 40 years old. She was born with a rare syndrome and has an intellectual disability.