June 25, 2024

Juliet explains why she watched BBB21 and was moved by Chico Cesar: “I’ve waited so long to sing with this guy” | high hours

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Juliet explains why she watched BBB21 and was moved by Chico Cesar: "I've waited so long to sing with this guy" |  high hours

Beautiful arrived with everything in late hours This Saturday, 9/18, for cactus delight 🌵🌵🌵. Who is invited to chat with Serginio GrosmanAnd JULIET She released her voice and showcased her latest song “Diferença Mara”, one of the six that is part of the first EP of her singing career. To beat this cameo, he made his long-awaited duet with his idol Caesar Boy. Yes Dear?!

Juliet sings

Juliet sings “Farq Mara”

In addition to being a hero BBB21Juliet made her music debut and is now a TV host TVZ, No Multicho. Of the sudden fame, she summed up: “You try. Every day I learn something new, I learn lessons from situations and learn a little at a time. Nobody is born knowing and I was born into this world now, so I am learning from scratch, trying to do my best in every Once “.

“It’s like there’s a horse and I’m trying to fit in, fit in with the ride and carry on. I’m used to it, I’ve been in more pain, nowadays I’m breathing. People are more respectful of this life transition,” one lovely description.

Serginho welcomes guests

Serginho welcomes guests

To Serginho, she said she decided – despite attempts by friends and her psychiatrist to get her to give it up – to watch BBB21 From the beginning. He explained his reasons:

“I am in the third Paredão so far. It is very strange. I was not surprised, the feelings I had inside matched what was going on here. Some excesses frightened me. I was rarely sad. My friends and family did not want to let me see her, but I need a heart This page and face what happened. Understand why people love me so much.”

Juliet was invited to “Altas of Horus” – Photo: clone / Instagram

Camila Queiroz She declared herself a fan of the former sister so much that she already knows all her songs, and said that all she lacks is acting, but the beautiful said that she did not want to know about them.

“I’m not an actress, I’m out. I don’t want to. The challenges I’m facing are enough. Leave everything in its place (laughs)”.

Juliet in ‘Altas Horas’ – Photo: TV Globo

When it comes to faith, Juliet has admitted that she went through a period of denial after the death of her sister Julian, but has been able to rebuild and strengthen her spirituality:

“I’m a Christian. For a moment, I lost my faith, was separated from myself, and had a beautiful encounter with my spirituality. I develop my faith every day, and I choose to hold on to it, and that’s what nourishes me. My faith is what moves me.”

Juliet talks about her connection to fame

Juliet talks about her connection to fame

Juliet also gave details of how she handled the fact that a phenomenon came out of BBB. According to her, the noise was so great that she was frightened:

“I was so shocked that I thought of meeting my friends and family. I didn’t understand much. Thiago Levert talked a lot about it, I understood it was a phenomenon, but I wanted to understand why. I had no idea it was going to be so big, I got really scared and started to get scared. For the first few days, I was freaking out.”

Juliette and Chico Cesar sing

Juliette and Chico Cesar sing “Deus Me Proteja”

Then came the long-awaited interview with idol Chico Cesar in the duet “Deus Me Proteja”, a song that marked his transition from images to reality and which helped highlight his musical talent.

“I wanted to thank you for this meeting. Chico’s music fills me in a way that I cannot explain. It gives meaning to my prayers and my idea of ​​life. What an honor to live this moment here. Everyone knows how passionate I am about his art,” the fan stated.

“I’ve waited so long to sing this song with this guy.”

Juliet sympathizes with Chico Cesar – Photo: TV Globo

When Serginho wanted to know about her start as a presenter on a show TVZ, the beautiful said she felt like an apprentice:

“I was so nervous, my voice was trembling. Then I relaxed. It’s a place where I find music and connection, I can do whatever I want, and have fun. I’m learning.”

Juliet in ‘Altas Horas’ – Photo: Instagram / clone

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