September 24, 2023
"You won't ruin my dreams," Wenderson Nunes' sister says after the controversy

“You won’t ruin my dreams,” Wenderson Nunes’ sister says after the controversy

sister Wenderson NunesAnd Hajda KerolineTalk on social networks After accusing netizens of copying the lyrics of a song from Luisa Sunza. According to fans, the singer who released the song “Malhour Asim” was going to copy the lyrics of “Benhasco”.

“I know who I am, and I know what capacity I have and not ‘you’ who would say otherwise. I’ve been through worse things, I’ve faced death many times and no, you won’t frustrate me, you won’t ruin my dreams,” Hajida wrote in a caption on an Instagram photo. .

Instagram will load in the front end.

The release of “Milhar Asim” was one of the most talked about issues on social media on Friday (17). One netizen commented, “How about Wenderson’s sister who released a song that’s the stark version of Cliff?” “Did the girl try to do a parody (?) on top of the Cliff? Another wrote.

Another user said “No, baby, but Best This Way, from Whindersson’s sister, is an unconvincing answer to Cliff, you have to admit, brother, it’s in your face.”

The music video, featuring Maria Lena, formerly of Wenderson. In the stories posted on Instagram, Maria also commented on the controversy.

“Just to clarify a few things, Hagda asked me to be in the video because it will be her first video and we have always liked each other a lot. I went because I have a lot of affection for her. I didn’t participate in any composition, she just shared the video with many of her other friends. That’s all that happened.”

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