March 25, 2023

Key Alves says that the breakup with Piquerez was due to a mix-up with Raphael Veiga; You understand

Volleyball inspiration, Ki Alves He drew attention on Wednesday when he recalled his relationship with side Béquerez, from Palmeiras. In the BBB, the athlete explained that the end of the relationship with the player was due to a joke of the midfielder, Rafael Vega, on social networks.

– I didn’t know they played on the same team. He was a random guy. And not only did I sing for him, I sang for Neymar, for a lot of people. (Péquez) could be angry with everyone, but he stayed with this one (Raphael Vega), because he is his friend. If I had known I would not have sung – said K.

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– But Piquerez is a guy I’d like to date. It was wobbly, I mean, it wasn’t meant to be. I ran after him horrors to say it was a joke and he ignored my horrors. I didn’t know who this guy was, or that he played on the same team as him – add the volleyball player.

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The video mentioned by Key Alves was published by The Sportsman last year. In the “Tiktok” trend, a person would sing a song if they wanted to be with the famous person who was on the screen. In addition to Neymar and Rafael Vega, the player also sang when midfielder James Rodriguez appeared on the screen.