February 25, 2024

Know what will change

First of all, Pix was launched by the Central Bank of Brazil (BC) in November 2020. Initially, it is an instant payment tool that allows you to make timely money transfers in about 10 seconds. Success among Brazilians, it has become one of the most used payment methods in the country.

With this success, BC ended up investing a lot of money into the system. Several tools have been improved and rebuilt in an effort to greatly improve the user experience. So some changes are expected in 2023. Read about it below and stay tuned.

The PIX will change and you need to know everything – Image: Credit: jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Changes in 2022

First, the national Pix phenomenon has shown exponential growth in the number of clients, financial transactions, and its money supply. However, its development can be seen as a digital revolution, as a practical and flexible tool to help users sell.

Next year, new rules and news about its use are expected. Currently, more than 140 million users are registered in the system, 10.7 million of which are legal entities. Pix has become an international standard and many countries are looking forward to developing its tools.

In 2022, more formats are being developed for the Pix system and its users. In addition, according to BC, the goal is to make life easier for consumers and entrepreneurs. The ability to use the tool in many ways has helped the development of many Brazilian companies.

One of the big news of Pix is ​​the ability to pay offline. For this, only one of the people involved in the work needs an Internet connection. In this way, financial transactions can be made, with only one party being online.

The central bank has conducted a study to open up the possibility of direct debiting with Pix. It will be possible to register suppliers for automatic payment through the tool. Likewise, the new function will be similar to debiting the current account, through the BC system.

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In fact, more changes are expected

System users will be able to purchase products in installments through secured Pix. Thus, the project was supposed to launch this year, but since it is still in beta, the feature will likely be available to users early next year, along with other updates.

The Pix estimate will allow users of electronic money transfer systems to pay for all their purchases by bringing their mobile phone closer to a card reader or even a payment terminal. However, this system is expected to be available to everyone soon.

There is no release date for Pix Internacional. This allows users to be easier and more flexible in international transactions. It is expected to start in 2024 or 2025 during the development phase. Store owners in many countries are already using Pix to sell.

Next year, the bookmaker is expected to introduce innovations related to the money transfer system. Namely: It is becoming more and more popular for entrepreneurs and service companies who have resorted to the tool to be able to increase their sales by facilitating the payment method.

Namely: a change in borders is coming

The new rule announced by the Central Bank that will come into force in 2023 is to increase the limits for cash withdrawals through Pix Loot and Pix Troco. The maximum amount has been increased from BRL 500 to BRL 3000 per day and from BRL 100 to BRL 1000 per night.

Another change expected for next year are changes to federal regulations for wages and Social Security benefits. The possibility of using Pix to pay civil servants’ salaries, pensions and annuities from the public treasury has been opened.

With that said, night shift restrictions from 20:00 to 06:00 with Pix in 2023 should be selective. That is, the client who will set a certain time limit. However, banks are not obliged to provide specific regulations for this period.

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