May 30, 2023
Know when it will happen and who is entitled to it

Know when it will happen and who is entitled to it

a Federal government You will pay an aid of R$451 as of June 17th. Payment will continue until the 30th of the same month. So it’s safe to say that this is a new calendar. This value indicates two Benefits: Auxillo Brazil and Auxilio Gas.

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This means that the union of these two programs will result in a sum of R$451, since R$400 of the Auxílio Brasil is made of R$51 that denotes the Auxílio Gás.

Long-term social benefits

Since the Auxílio Brasil app was launched, it has reached more than 18.1 million Brazilian families. In contrast, Auxilio Gases benefits about 6 million people. The benefit created to replace the Bolsa Família was R$400 fixed by law, different from the gas voucher.

Auxílio Gás is a program whose value can change, as it changes according to the value of gas can 13 kilo which is equal to 50% of the national average price of a cylinder.

To make transfers, a logical order is followed, so that the end of the Social Registration Number (NIS) of the beneficiaries is used. learned that? So pay attention to the table below so you don’t miss the day to pick up benefit.

  • post shekel 1: payment on June 17;
  • Final 2 NIS: Payment on June 20;
  • Final 3 shekels: payment on June 21;
  • Final 4 shekels: payment on June 22;
  • Final 5 shekels: payment on June 23;
  • Final 6 shekels: payment by June 24th;
  • Last 7 shekels: payment on June 27;
  • Last 8 shekels: payment on June 28;
  • Final 9 shekels: payment on June 29;
  • Final 0 NIS: Payment on June 30th.

How to apply?

As far as these two programs reach thousands of Brazilians, there are still many people who have doubts about how to sign up. This is why it should be noted that a person interested in receiving this benefit needs to look for a Reference Center for Social Assistance (CRAS), because this is where you and your family members will be registered with Cadastro Único (CadÚnico).

Through this registration, the Ministry of Nationality will analyze your data when doing this Choose who is approved To be part of the benefit.

Requirements for obtaining Brazilian assistance

Even through these first two steps, the interested party will need to meet some of the eligibility criteria that each program requires, so pay attention to the following information:

To be accepted into the Auxílio Gás programme, one’s family must have a monthly income (per person) of R$ 606, half of the minimum wage. On the other hand, Auxílio Brasil welcomes families to the utmost povertythat is, with an income (per capita) of up to 105 Brazilian riyals, as well as poor families where their income reaches 210 Brazilian reals.

In the case of families in the above circumstances, it is also necessary to have a pregnant woman, a nursing mother or an individual under the age of 21 in the home.