June 23, 2024

The value of a rare 1 Brazilian Real coin can reach up to 8000 Brazilian Reals

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Moeda rara de R$ 1 pode valer até R$ 8 mil

Within the practice of collecting coins, there is a classification of the degree of rarity. Numismatics don’t mind investing high values ​​to earn valuable samples.

Some coins are worth thousands, as in the case of a hit video on TikTok, where the guy offers valuable Between 6 thousand and 8 thousand Brazilian riyals for one piece.

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Discover any rare 1 RRL coin that can be worth up to 8000 BRL

In 2016, Brazil hosted the Olympics, and as a way to honor the event and the sport, the Central Bank (BC) issued several coins worth 1 Brazilian Real. The first piece, honoring the handover of the flag to Brazil, was launched in 2012

The coin that humans are looking for is known as the “peg leg”It is part of the collection created in honor of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. video The “search” is less than 30 seconds long and has been shared over 30,000 times.

Other 1 BRL coins can be worth up to 10000 BRL

According to forums and collector’s websites, the value of the coins released for the 2016 Rio Olympics can be between 7,000 RRL and 10,000 RRL (the amount refers to the whole collection). Learn about the five most valuable.

  • Olympic Flag Delivery Coin: Known as the Olympic Flag Delivery Coin, created in 2012, it was the first coin in the collection and hailed the Olympic flag’s delivery to Brazil. You can find them online for between R$ 175 and R$ 300.
  • Athletics currency: Athletics, the oldest sport in the Olympic Games, was part of the first group created by BC and Casa da Moeda. On the obverse is a picture of an athlete doing a triple jump. They can cost between $8 and R$30.
  • swimming coin: Another coin launched by BC and Casa da Moeda, the obverse coin contains the image of two swimmers dipping into a swimming pool. The price of the piece ranges between 8 and 30 Brazilian riyals.
  • Paratriathlon coin: The coin was the first created to represent a Paralympic sport and has profiles of an athlete in three moments of competition. They can be found in amounts ranging from $8 to BRL 30.
  • Coin of Vinicius and Tom Amulet: The coins were created in honor of composers Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim, and can be valued between $8 and 30 Brazilian real.

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