February 28, 2024
Lab suspects it misdiagnosed 43,000

Lab suspects it misdiagnosed 43,000

And health authorities in the United Kingdom said in a statement that about 43,000 citizens in the country may have received negative results When PCR tests are carried out in a laboratory called Immensa Health Clinic, located in Wolverhampton.

The British Health Agency suspended laboratory activities two weeks ago. The decision was made due to reports from people who received Negative test results PCR after previously testing positive in antigen tests.

The results of the NHS Test and Trace investigations concluded that at least 43,000 tests analyzed between 8 September and 12 October may have been taken. False negatives. In a statement from the agency, he described the error as “an isolated incident, but all samples are now being forwarded to other laboratories.”


Incorrect results could mean that thousands of people infected with the virus received the wrong recommendation to stop isolation, and thus ended up infecting others.

Britain’s National Health System is in contact with people who may still be infected to advise them about retesting.