June 14, 2024

Learn how to set up your virtual store on the platform

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Learn how to set up your virtual store on the platform

Shopify, the e-commerce platform, has a user-friendly interface, as well as betting on easy-to-use features.

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Ecommerce platforms have grown in recent years and Shopify is one of them. The tool allows creating online stores and makes it easy to buy and sell products online. It’s an option for people who want to start a virtual business or want to expand the spread of items sold in physical stores.

Shopify has an easy to use interface and, besides betting easy-to-use features, such as layout and design tools and ready-made themes, are simple even for those without experience in the area. On the platform, it is also possible to connect stores with social networks and other platforms.

How do you get started with Shopify?

To start using a file Shopify, the interested party must, at the first moment, register with an email and password to log in. The procedure is free. After that, the user can start assembling his store, and it is necessary to rent a plan according to the resources he wants.

It should be noted that there is an option to test the platform for free for 14 days, in which credit card data is not required to be reported. credit. After the deadline, the user will not be able to use the platform features. Therefore, it is recommended to evaluate the plans offered by Shopify.

As mentioned earlier, Shopify is very intuitive, but the user can find videos, tutorials, and webinars designed to help people use resources and make sales on the platform. If you find it interesting, the merchant can contact a specialist in the service itself to build and run an online business.

In addition, if you already have a virtual store on another platform, the user has the possibility to migrate. Sales include transaction fees that can be up to 2% depending on the plan the person rented.

What Kind of Entrepreneur Would Shopify Recommend?

Shopify is recommended for entrepreneurs who have difficulties with website programming, but more experienced users who want to create an online store more conveniently can also use it. In addition, the platform is an option for those who want to offer products and services with the support of resources that automate tasks.

It’s important to note that Shopify has partnership programs. From affiliate marketers, the user can work with the promotion of stores and products. There is also Shopify Partners, which connects professionals and store owners from different fields interested in creating projects.

What monthly plan options does Shopify offer?

Shopify has three monthly plan options. See what they are below.

  • Basic Plan: This plan costs $29 (about R$152), with a 2% fee;
  • Intermediate Plan: costs $79 (about R$414) and has a 1% fee;
  • Advanced Plan: This is the third and final plan offered by Shopify and costs $299, with a 0.5% fee.

Additionally, users can choose larger plans with a 10% discount for an annual contract and a 20% discount for a two-year contract. Shopify accepts different types of payments, such as cash, bank voucher, credit card, Amazon Pay, Paypal, and more, and is available for desktop and mobile.

Photo: Funstock / shutterstock.com

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