March 4, 2024
Learn these tips to avoid unwanted actions

Learn these tips to avoid unwanted actions

Avoiding eating too many sweets, resisting addiction, or escaping bad situations are all demanding. self control🇧🇷 Impulses during temptation tend to get stronger, and resisting them at this moment is very difficult, isn’t it? To help you, we have provided suggestions for behaviors that scientists have indicated are effective in prevention undesirable actions🇧🇷

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Do you want to know how to control your self-control during temptations?

According to scientists, these are the postures necessary to resist any temptation:

1. Make good choices

Certain environments and people can affect your ability to control yourself. Psychologists say that before making any decision, we think about the pros and cons of our choices.

Train your brain to choose to hang out with people who encourage you to lead a productive life, rather than those who make you procrastinate.

2. Adjust mode

To be in control of yourself and your impulses, changing attitudes is a good start. You can achieve this result by learning how to re-educate yourself.

If you’re having trouble getting up early, for example, set the alarm away from you, so you have to get up to turn it off.

3. Change focus

If you can’t change the situation now, try to pay attention to something else. In this context, shifting the focus is a necessary escape.

Choosing a distraction to make the craving subside is up to you. However, you can start by looking at your surroundings.

4. Think of something else

You can change your thoughts from something tempting by associating them with unpleasant situations that might embarrass you. Ideas are limitless, just believe in your change.

For example, if you want to drink a lot, remember how you felt the last time you had a hangover, or if you tend to buy an expensive and unnecessary item, think you’re stealing it.

5. You have willpower

Being able to let go of feelings, impulses, and thoughts is a very difficult task, especially because our brain has the ability to make us believe that unhealthy behaviors aren’t so bad.

It is advisable to use your mental capacity as willpower so as not to give in to temptation. For this you need to avoid stress, rest properly and choose a good company.