March 1, 2024
"Less than 300 thousand Brazilian reals per month";  Flamengo finds the perfect promotion and salary is 3 times less than what Vitinho receives at CRF

“Less than 300 thousand Brazilian reals per month”; Flamengo finds the perfect promotion and salary is 3 times less than what Vitinho receives at CRF


Mengão is still very active in the ball market to close more deals

- Vetino
© (Photo: Ricardo Moraes Ball/Getty Images)– Vetino

a flamingo Game very important This Tuesday (2), where he will face Corinthians, in the first encounter in the quarter-finals of the Copa Libertadores da America. Dorival Junior must play the same team that was playing in the main matches: Santos, Rodini, David Luiz, Leo Pereira and Felipe Luis; Thiago Maia, Joao Gomez, Everton Ribeiro and Arascaeta; Gabigol and Pedro.

Behind the scenes, the Flamingo Trend has been working on an official arrival Oscarin addition to searching for another one attacker Next to. In the objective, there is also a move to get a boost very soon. Diego Alves will not be playing for the club from December onwards, and the main target at the moment is Agustin Rossi, who plays for Boca Juniors..

Archer receives a “low” salary by Brazilian football standards. In Boca, pockets less than 300 thousand Brazilian riyals Month. To give you an idea, Vitinho, who is currently in reserve at CRF, receives close to 900 thousand Brazilian riyalsAdding salaries and image rights. Thus, the Flamengo had already entered the ring and waved the values ​​that raised the 26-year-old’s wall. The goalkeeper even turned down an offer to renew the Argentine club because he felt undervalued there.

Agustín Rossi has a contract with Boca Juniors until December 2023. If the contract is not renewed now, the Argentine administration will be obliged to negotiate it in order to get some money in the final transaction. Marcos Braz, vice president of the Flamengo football team, is very fond of the player and considers him above average. The director even talked about it during his participation in “Arena SBT” last Monday (1).

Flamengo consulted the position of goalkeeper Rossi at the beginning of the year but faced Boca Juniors. We understand that he is a much above average goalkeeper“, Football Vice President said.