June 14, 2024

Jailson blasts America’s goalkeeper: ‘Bad character. The man weighs 130 kg.’

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Goalkeeper Jailson during training at Am
Photo: Moore Panda/America

Goalkeeper Jailson during training in America, at CT Lanna Drumond

Without a team since leaving America in July, goalkeeper Gilson revealed that it was a contender for the position in Coelho that prompted him to terminate his contract with the club. In an exclusive interview with SupersportsWithout naming names, Archer blew up the professional by calling him a “bad character” and “jealous”.

“I’ve known the story of this guy, this bad character, for a long time. It wasn’t just me. There’s an audio clip from a friend of mine who played with him in Sao Jose. People from America, Arton, Jouri and Robinho. The guy thinks he’s bigger than the club. With me it’s different. And look I stayed a lot. I stayed five months but I was supposed to stay two months. I intended to stay until the end of the year. Unfortunately this bad character ended up delighting American fans,” Jailson quotes.

“For God’s sake, just look at my body type and guy’s body type. Guy doesn’t take care of himself. A lot happens in Club A. Guy has 18% (fat), 130 kg, nobody says anything. Look things, but they’re afraid to talk” , dawn.

Prison It’s over with America On the fifth of July. On this occasion, the club announced through a memo that the initiative to terminate the contract came from Al-Riyadi. The bond was expected to expire in December.

Despite his short span of five and a half months, Gilson left important marks in American history. He was hired in January to replace Matthews Caviccioli, the 40-year-old goalkeeper who has adapted quickly to FC Minas Gerais, but said he was not well received by his fellow player.

“He didn’t say anything to me (when I arrived). Bad character. I remained silent. I let a lot of people say a lot of things. Ah, the moment of truth has come. He has been jealous of me since Palmeiras’ time,” said the athlete.

I left America, everyone Posted things, to thank. Only that bad character he was rooting for. I ended up staying in America for five months and took the team to the Libertadores.”

For Coelho, Gilson played 26 games and conceded 29 goals (an average of 1.1 per game). Despite the lack of matches, the goalkeeper managed to write his name in American history for his participation in saving the Copa Libertadores.

In the 0-0 draw against FC Barcelona, ​​for the second leg of the third stage of the competition, Gilson had already put in an impressive performance. However, with a penalty shootout, he defended the Queens charge and qualified Alverde’s team for the group stage of the competition.

last steps

When he finished with America, Gilson was not associated with the games. The club claimed that the goalkeeper was on his way to recovery from muscle pain in his left leg and that he later developed tonsillitis. His last match in the Alfeverde shirt was on June 15, against Fluminense, in the twelfth round of the Brazilian Championship.

“He did what he did everywhere he went. Nobody talks very well about this guy. He kept listening to the conversations and taking them to the coordinator. That’s why he won nothing in life. I don’t know (if he had the direct influence on the choice of the owner)” Jailson argued.

“I got a break because I played 20 matches. I was already tired. Then I didn’t get back into the team. If I had a reason to fail, but you can see, I was the best on the field many times.”

During the four games Gilson was away, America had two different goalkeepers under their bases. First, Airton played against Fortaleza, in round 13 of Serie A.

After that, Mateus Caviccioli returned from a long time injured and played against Flamengo and Joe in the round of 14 and 15 for the Brazilian, and against Botafogo in the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey.

“She took (the questions to the board). She took one, she took two and she took three. Like I said: I took my questions and left. Unfortunately, in America, bad things prevail. And wherever I went, I was victorious.” They told her: “He left because he stayed on the bench. “P, I have spent my whole life on the bench, in Palmeiras,” he said.

Jailson revealed the friction with the American player in an interview with The Ge. Later , Supersports I called the athlete.

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