June 14, 2024

Vtor Pereira explains Rger Guedes’ positioning and analyzes Flamengo’s goal as “a big hit”

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Vtor Pereira explains Rger Guedes' positioning and analyzes Flamengo's goal as "a big hit"

immediately after Defeat Corinthians 2-0 For Flamengo, coach Vitor Pereira gave his opinion on the match. The coach explained the position of Guedes in the fencing and also analyzed the tactical performance of his team.

What caught Phil’s attention the most during the second half was the positioning of Roger Geddes and Yuri Alberto. The shirt 9 played as a striker while the number 7 took part in the open game along the edges of the lawn, different from what was expected. Thus, Vitor explained his choice.

We had Roger, who can play as a defensive player, but in my opinion, he can’t work as I understandTherefore, we need to pass Yuri in the corridor and pass Roger more centrally,” the coach indicated in a press conference at the end of the match.

Next, Vitor analyzed his team’s performance both technically and tactically. The coach recognized the poor performance of his team and explained the strategy he had in mind for the game, but it did not materialize.

We clearly know that we are not competing today. We have to understand very well the opponent, who plays with diamonds with a lot of people inside, and the space is usually on the other side, so those were clearly the ideas of the day. Find the area on the other side. We’ve been able to do this in other games quite easily. I think we competed during the first half, it was a competitive match, and we didn’t let in a lot of technical quality. A very dangerous team in transition. But there was always space on the other side and that’s what bothered me during the first part. Often the ball was on the other side and there was a lot of spaceThen he elaborated.

Finally, the coach went straight to saying that Flamengo’s goal was a huge blow to Timao. Additionally, Maicon’s injury and previous absences have affected the team.

I think the goal was a heavy blow, apparently on a controlled ball. We made changes, and we were unlucky enough to hit Maicon, a player who was new to the game. William did not play either. We are facing difficulties in the future. We have Giovanni, which is the only solution we had in the bank“, is over.

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