March 1, 2024

Lexa broke up with MC Guimê because of BBB? The singer pronounces

Do not flow in the game, and in love! After, after Globo TV announces 22 participants in “Big Brother Brazil 23This Thursday (12), confirming MCguime As one of the cabin members, Lexa, talked about the singer’s trip to the most watched house in Brazil. In recent months, the couple has lived on and off in their marriage, with some fans even suggesting that the funk artist wouldn’t have liked his entry into reality. However, in an exclusive conversation with hugogloss.comThe artist’s wife said that this was not the case.

All the rumors started in October when the couple got engaged She announced the separation after seven years of marriage. At the time, the two artists released emotional statements, stating that they still have great love for each other despite the breakup. Soon, when they announced that they were back together, some fans began to assume that everything was going to happen because of BBB, which Lexa claims is not true.

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According to the singer, the initial breakup occurred naturally, and had nothing to do with the program he is leading Thaddeus Schmidt. “We were going through a complicated phase like any couple and the breakup was enough to understand that you couldn’t be without each other. It was a period of reflection that couples need sometimes.”‘Call her,’ voice revealed.

Lexa and Jimmy Mac
Lexa and Jimmy McGee during their participation in “The Masked Singer Brazil”. (Photo: Globo/Maurício Fidalgo)

Lexa even recalled her shocked reaction when she found out that her husband would be one of those held captive in Edition. “When he told me, I almost backed away, but I always had his back. I was one of the last people to know about the invitation, and he only told me when we got back.”He said. However, the support came with some concern: “I don’t know if [tive] Fear, perhaps fear. I, as a wife, have always been by his side at different times, but I will never stop supporting any of his dreams.”.

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Carioca also confirms that she is indeed invited to enter reality, and explains why she rejected the proposal. “I’d rather be a spectator and sing there. I think the show is very cool, I was always hooked”He said. Finally, Lexa commented that her husband’s “flexibility” can take him far in the game, while dealing with the disorganization of the participants can be difficult. “It’s well organized.”Referring to – a detail that the singer also mentioned during his work an offer.

The couple met in 2015. According to the singer, their first flirtation took place backstage on the show.interview”, by the way in which she sang on the attraction for the first time. Since then, the two became close, and began dating, until they got married in 2018, in a beautiful ceremony at the Catedral da Sé, in São Paulo.

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In December last year, they surprised fans when they announced that they had resumed their marriage. At the same time, the two artists exchanged clicks together and each made some statements. “Sometimes you need to separate in order to understand that it is not good to be without him. Sometimes, you need time to enjoy the beauty and appreciate everything that is created. Sometimes you need time to put everything in its place. We brought respect, love and admiration herereversed the singer.I love you with the love of my life. It is a blessing to have you againLexa celebrated.

Gimi also confirmed the reconciliation. “Love is inexplicable, it is felt, lived, loved… I lack words to describe how wonderful you are back, I love you and I want you. God is always ahead, enlightening, blessing, and protecting our unionwrote the funk singer.

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Soon after, Lexa used social media to vent and Clarify the “current status” of the relationship, indicating that they were living in separate homes and that the new stage was full of happiness. On Instagram stories, the artist admitted to fans that the two-month breakup was not easy. “I think only those who have been divorced or separated from marriage, know how much it hurts. It really hurts. It’s so bad. Because no one gets married and thinks of breaking up, right? And thank God we’re very well.”she admitted.

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