February 28, 2024
Life is Strange is developing 6 new games

Life is Strange is developing 6 new games

The studio responsible for Vampyr, Life is Strange and Tell Me Why is undergoing changes and the production of 6 more new games. After two years without a release, the studio is back in full swing.

Life is Strange is developing 6 new games

The news was revealed Tuesday (31) on their social networks, and the studio’s new outfit has won an exclusive video explaining the change.

Previously known as DONTNOD, the studio has revamped its name and visual identity, which you can watch in the video below:

‘DONTNOD’ is now called ‘DON’T NOD’ and the reason for the change is for people to better understand and pronounce the name, the old name has caused confusion among the players.

DON’T NOD CEO Oscar Gilbert spoke a little more about the decision in an official statement:

“I am so proud of the journey DON’T NOD has taken over the past 14 years… The company has evolved in many ways, with a strong will to lead the way in creating and publishing authentic, relatable stories that enable our talents and players to inspire change, no matter how small.”

In addition to the identity change, the studio has taken the opportunity and announced that they are developing 6 games, one of which has a specific title “Gerda: A Flame in the Winter” that will focus on the narrative and should arrive later this year for PC. As for the other games, it has not yet revealed the details.

Remember, Tell My Why, Don’t Nod is available for free on the Microsoft Store.

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