June 14, 2024

Livigno analyzes her debut with São Caetano, turns emotional and makes plans: “I want to be a title holder” | Sao Caetano

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Livigno analyzes her debut with São Caetano, turns emotional and makes plans: "I want to be a title holder" |  Sao Caetano

He is 26 years old, singer MC Livigno He fulfilled his dream of becoming a professional football player and playing in an official tournament. The start was worthy of a promising scenario: the striker was a key player in the penalty kick that secured a goal Sao Caetano tied with PortuguesaFor Cuba Paulista.

After seeing frustrated attempts at being a lane player through Oeste and Audax, Livigno did not hide his emotions when he remembered the track until he was officially able to step into the grass as a pro.

– A very beautiful movie that plays in my head a unique feeling. The singer and frontman said that feeling of accomplishment, commitment and inspiration for many to believe and see where we can go.

MC Livigno making his football debut with São Caetano – Photo: Comunicação / AD São Caetano

Livigno worked for less than 15 minutes, but she actively participated. A good exchange of passes, triangles and two eye-catching moves: the penalty kick that I was subjected to after trying to dribble inside the area and a chance to score in the last minute of the match.

I’ve been training a lot and dedicating myself on and off the field. I think the result is an example of what I’ve been training for daily, dedicating myself. I got in really well and was able to do it on the pitch, what happened when I couldn’t hit the penalty kick is I talk about it on a daily basis. Not that I’m going to hit Livigno, there’s a streak and I hope to get my turn – I analyzed the singer.

Livinho on set in São Caetano – Photo: Reproduction / TV Azulão

Combining his singing career with daily training in São Caetano, Livigno prefers to wait until the end of his contract, valid for three months, to assess whether he will continue to act in professional football or solely in music.

– It was very big, and I intend to do it well [o contrato] And first think about this tournament and the next matches and then say whether or not to continue. The minutes you spent today show that you can make a difference. It wasn’t that hard physically as I maintained an active life, but I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. He said: “I want to be a starting player, I play both halves and I’m dedicated.

The next date for São Caetano in the Copa Paulista is next Tuesday, at 3 pm, against Taobate, at the Estadio Guaquinzao, in Taupate. The trend is for Livigno to start again at the Reserve Bank.

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