April 13, 2024
On the networks, Celso Barros mocked Mário and pushed the reporter covering Fluminense

On the networks, Celso Barros mocked Mário and pushed the reporter covering Fluminense

On his official Instagram profile, Celso Barros, Attorney General Fluminense, published a text commenting on the press conference held by the tricolor chief, Mario Bettencourt, Friday, at CT Carlos Castillo. Celso mocked some of the president’s comments and even alerted a reporter who covers the club’s daily life.

It’s Cayo Blois, a journalist for “Uol Sports” who according to the director “He is very much like the club’s communications advisor, who always reproduces materials favorable to management, in accordance with the supposed guidelines of the head of communications, Mr. Ronaldo France “

Check out the post and read the full text:

I don’t have the patience to follow the long, tiring press conferences of the ‘Bitcoin Chief’, so I later tried to read a summary by UOL journalist Caio Blois, who appears to me to be another communications consultant for the club, who always copies material favorable to management, due to the alleged directive of the Chief Communications Officer. Mr. Ronaldo Franca.

The Emperor is always prepared at these press conferences by his marketer, for the possible questions that will be asked by those who will participate in the press conference. Therefore, it is clear that many of the answers are already ready. As training nothing to oppose.

So, the only part of the interview that caught my eye was about the character, the journalist explained. Then the “little king” proves to be real. He says he monitors all departments, that’s fine, and that he is responsible for everything that happens at the club.

Thus, there is no point in blaming players, coaches, relationships with businessmen and many other facts, considering that he is largely responsible for everything that happens, be it good or bad.

I agree with him when he says the manager has hits and misses. However, in football, its isolationist management is riddled with errors.

Our campaign was a promise that we would fight for all titles. Aside from “carioquinha”, we did not fight for any title, as management completed two and a half years. We are going to fight Fluminense’s youth and today we celebrate that we were only eliminated in the quarter-finals of Editors NS Brazil Cup.

We very much hope to be ninth in the Brazilian Join the Libertadores, so we can fight for participation in this competition.

The current football salary schedule has also been mentioned. With our country paper down o succumb to He will compete in the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey and also A. Paranaense, who should have the same card as ours, with slight differences. What changes is the quality of management.

Yesterday I saw a video in which Pedro Antonio announced that Abad and Kaka would change the history of Fluminense. I also accepted to be the general vice president on the card, Mario and Celso.

It’s dear peacock 🦚, we’ve all made mistakes… Viva o Flu!!! 🇮🇹🇮🇹 “