September 29, 2023
LoL: Rensga owner explains the differences with South Korean Croc

LoL: Rensga owner explains the differences with South Korean Croc

Thursday (16) South Korea croc, Fisher man RenjaAnd published On his Twitter account that the organization did not pay all his salary and that of his partner Yuri. The accusation quickly spread in the community and the organization’s response came on the same day. According to Rensga, there is no debt on the players’ salary.

Misunderstanding between Renja and the South Koreans

Djari Vega, one of the owners of the organization, stated in an interview with Globo’s GE website, that the players’ salary is up-to-date, and also revealed that the contract stipulates the value of R$10,000 per month, in addition to 70% of the prize earned by CBLOL.

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The site claims to have received receipts from the CEO proving payments for each month of employment, with the right to deduct Yuri’s salary, Punished by Riot due to misconduct in arranged queues.

Dajari Vega is about to enter the CBLOL 2021 stage during the second final round. (Photo: Disclosure / Riot)

Croc’s accusations regarding the possible non-payment of salary came due to a dispute over the streaming contract, which was not signed. According to Dajari, there has been a Nimo TV poll about a potential partnership with Rensga, and if that materializes, the Koreans will get a bonus on their paycheck.

Kroc told GE that the possibility of concluding a contract was used to convince the players and that the communication that the partnership between the companies would not work until 80 days after their arrival in Brazil, at the end of the normal phase.

The CEO of Rensga stressed that the partnership was only a possibility, and that the two parties (Rensga and Nimo) had talked for three months, but were unable to reach an agreement, so the players were immediately notified.

Players return to Korea

Croc and Yuri during the 2021 CBLOL Second Division Final (Photo: press release/riot)

After missing the flight that would take them back to Korea, Kroc stated that tickets with the earliest date cost R$5,000 each, and that Renja did not want to incur the costs. According to them, the organization suggested that they stay in Goiania for a month, where new tickets can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Still in an interview with General Electric, the CEO of Rensga stated that the organization was unable to afford these costs, but he did not suggest staying a month at GH, but until the 21st, when a return is possible. He also noted that the delay was due to protocols that the organization was not aware of, and that 15 other people were unable to board the plane.

The report states that the organization is still negotiating with yuri NS croc The date of the return of the players to South Korea. Their contract expires in December 2021, and it looks like there will be no renewal with Renja.