June 23, 2024

Daniel Alves signs the termination of his contract with São Paulo | Sao Paulo

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Daniel Alves signs the termination of his contract with São Paulo |  Sao Paulo

NS Sao Paulo And side Daniel Alves on Thursday finalized an agreement to terminate the player’s contract, which will only expire in December 2022. Now the athlete can move to another club, including Brazil – he has only six matches in the Brazilian national team, which is precisely the maximum change of teams.

A debt of one million dollars, estimated at 18 million Brazilian reals, was the reason why the athlete’s visit to Morumbi ended 15 months earlier than scheduled. The club estimates to save 27 million Brazilian riyals with the remainder of the bond, such as bonuses, goals and salary until the end of 2022.

This Thursday there was an exchange of documents to sign the termination. With major issues discussed since Wednesday, it was up to São Paulo and Daniel Alves’ staff to close bureaucratic differences by formalizing the agreement.

– The Sao Paulo Football Club announced the signing of an agreement today to end the relationship of the player Daniel Alves, who was in a relationship with the club until December 2022 – the club announced on social networks.

Daniel Alves has terminated his contract with Sao Paulo – Photo: Rubens Chiri / saopaulofc.net

Last Friday, after a stint with the Brazilian team, Daniel Alves told the Sao Paulo board that he would not present himself again until the debts were resolved. The directors then announced that he had not been removed from the cast of Hernan Crespo.

The full-back arrived in Sao Paulo after the Copa América 2019, when his contract with France’s Paris Saint-Germain expired. At his presentation, about 45 thousand fans went to Morumbi.

To play in São Paulo, the self-proclaimed fan club, Daniel Alves earned a salary equal to 1.5 million Rls per month – the payment was divided between monthly instalments, about 500,000 Rls, and one related to rights. The picture and the economic that must be paid semi-annually.

São Paulo’s plan was for private partners to pay a large portion of these salaries, which never materialized. The delays started even before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Upon taking over the club’s presidency, in January, the current board of directors, led by Julio Casares, admitted a debt of just over R$10m – a sum that reached R$18m at the height of the crisis a week ago.

In August, after winning the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Daniel Alves harshly criticized the club, accusing it of “failure”. The trigger for the complaint, according to people working with the player, was the fact that Sao Paulo had not fulfilled its commitment to start paying off the debt in June.

During his time with São Paulo, Daniel Alves won the Paulistao Cup this year.

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