May 31, 2023
Lotomania 2311 announces the result of winning a prize of R$ 3.5 million;  Find out how many BMW cars you can buy

Lotomania 2311 announces the result of winning a prize of R$ 3.5 million; Find out how many BMW cars you can buy

Joao Pessoa, May 11, by Alessandra Martins – Luttomania accumulated fee today 3.5 million Brazilian riyals prizewhich will be drawn into the contest 2311. Find out all about this game and other games today and how to invest your prize. Check out the dozens drawn today:

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To play today, in the Caixa lottery, it was possible until 5 pm using the lottery houses and until 7 pm in the “online” lottery for Caixa. lottery space cashier in Sao Paulowas broadcast on box channel on youtube. Stay up to date with everything, here, at session the lotteryfrom Prime Minister’s Notes.

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be 3 draws per weekHeld on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The Obsession It’s the “unlucky” lottery, and even those who don’t get any right number win. In addition, toEva Awards, those who Multiply 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 or 0 scores. So, to play in LotomaniaSimply select up to 50 numbers.

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How many BMW cars should I buy with R$3.5 million?

The winner of 3.5 million BRL can only invest the amount Savings, however, you will have a reasonable income, because he earns 0.08% per month, which is R$ 2.8 thousand per month, which is 2 more than the minimum wagewhich is enough to live very well, anywhere in Brazil.

Lotomania 2311 publishes the results of a prize of R$3.5 million; Find out how much, you can buy a BMW. Reproduction: cloth

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However, if today the millionaire left his money in Nubank, yields up to 1% per month And it can generate more income than in Caixa. An amount of R$ 2.7 million will get an average income of 12% annually, or 1% per month, in Nubank, equivalent to R$ 35,000 per month.

If the 3.5 million R$ winner wants to invest in real estate and luxury cars, it is possible to buy several luxury properties and cars. For example, with this amount it is possible to buy up to 14 BMW cars.

Lotomania 2311: How do you get the prize?

Therefore, to receive your prize from 2311just keep the necessary documents on hand, when the prize is less than R$ 1.9 thousand, you can pick it up at any unit of lottery houses. The money will be delivered on time or credited to an account.

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