March 4, 2024
Arthur e Jade

Lucas Guimarães leaves a shocked Arthur Aguiar with a question about Jade Bacon: “I’ve never heard that before”; Watch

Fix! This Wednesday (16), Arthur Aguiar was a guestpodcastsAnd the surprise ended with an unusual question from the presenter Lucas Guimarães Around Jade Baconits competitionBig Brother Brazil 22🇧🇷 In the chat, the release champion also talked about the importance of influential for his victory reality worldwide.

while talking aboutBBBLucas asked Arthur about his troubled relationship with his sister Leo Bacon in confinement. “During his time on ‘BBB,’ people questioned a lot about his relationship with Jade, whether it was an in-game relationship, or if it was a relationship of lust.”Lucas began. “Hot horny?”frightened Aguiar wondered.

“When so many asked her if she pursued this chase with you because deep down she wanted to…she had a hotness for you and that there was something between you that you just didn’t know if it was a game, if it was hard-at, if you had a problem it wasn’t done.” Already solved. You had a BBB before. I want you to “hang out” with me and Camila [Loures] How nymphomaniac she was, she was a game, and if you were there at some point, you felt like she messed with you. Or if you don’t have any of thatThe presenter continued, while the guest was caught with a very mocking face.

Arthur replied in shock: “No, I didn’t get any of that. I’ve never heard of that before, including this disgraceful thing.”🇧🇷 “But I think you used the wrong word. Horny looks like she was into you, which is why she was teasing you. Horny gets very sexual, right?”Intervened Camila Loriswho, until then, had only heard the question from his colleague on the bench. “I didn’t mean in the sexual sense. It’s the lust of desireLucas explained. “But it seems, isn’t it ?!” Arthur snapped, uncomfortable with the situation.

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However, the actor did not shy away from being questioned. “I think that’s just the question (Smell) I can answer, in fact, I can’t answer it. My opinion: I think it came very briefly about the things that really happened in my personal life before the match. It probably wouldn’t be useful for her to be with me.”He said.

With the repercussions of the snippet, Lucas Guimarães received a flurry of criticism from netizens and the “Jade Deserves Respect” tag was among the most commented on topics. Twitter🇧🇷 Watch:

At another point in the interview, Jade Picon is mentioned again. According to the former BBB, the influencer and actress were instrumental in his victory. “It was key, because it polarized the game. When I left I was sure of it. It boosted my game so much. If I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t have had this fan exposure.”He confessed.

🇧🇷[Felipe] Prior and Manu [Gavassi] It was so big, it was the biggest vote in history, but within proportions, it was like that. When she took that stand, I was on the other side and the crowd took sides, and watching the video after people celebrated her removal and the return of the false wall, it was surreal.”added the singer.

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Jade and Arthur star in one of the biggest rivalries in global reality. (Images: Reproduction/Globoplay)

love life

late october, Mayra Cardi has announced that she is definitely separating from Arthur Aguiar🇧🇷 However, he made it clear on ‘PodCats’ that he doesn’t like being single. 🇧🇷Hi Arthur, We know that you are a single person who is also married. Wanted to know what makes you happier? To be single or married? Lucas asked. 🇧🇷It depends on the moment of life. I think today, if I could choose, I would like to get married. Reacting without prolonging the topic.

Watch the full interview:

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