February 28, 2024
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Ludmilla revolts with nominations for the “Multishow Award”, calls for a performance boycott and cancellation of the performance; Read

After the list of candidates for Multishow Award 2021 Released on Monday (18), Ludmilla launched a vent on her Twitter today (19), accusing the boycott award. The singer has spoken out about the difficulties of being a black artist in Brazil, and has officially canceled her show at the December 8th party.

The artist cited a string of accomplishments in her career to explain why she believes she deserves more award nominations. “I am the first black singer in Latin America to collect 1 billion streams on Spotify alone, and today there are more than 1.5 billion plays on the platforms. Totaling 2.5 billion views, “Queen da Favela” was among the most played songs in months. It’s the numbers that speak!“, he wrote.

Just this year, I launched numanice live, a project that influenced Brazilian culture and revolutionized the pagoda market in an unprecedented way, as the woman in charge of the project, the project that included the most-watched solo music video of 2021 by a Brazilian pop singer. ‘Deixa de Onda’, ‘Pra Te Hurt’, ‘Siamese Cat’, ‘Apê 1001’ and ‘Lud Session’‘, she continued.

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In this year’s “Multishow Award”, Lud was mentioned in only two categories: “Hit of the Year”, for “Deixa de Onda”, feat Shaman and Dennis, and “TVZ Clip of the Year”, for “Queen of Favela”. At her dawn, she recalled the 2019 edition of the event, when she won the “Singer of the Year” trophy for the first time. “Since I first won and impacted the entire system by being the first black singer to be nominated and win this category in 26 years of awards, minority actor, black singer, bisexual, funkista, oceanic, I’ve never been nominated again in the “Singer” category. general”. Unfortunately this is how the system interrupts you!He said.

Although I have been nominated for other awards, there is a clear lack of recognition and understanding of the (few) awards that we have here in Brazil. Like me, there are many artists from different segments and brands who deserve to be nominated or honored in the same way they present content to their fans and they are in the same position.contemplation.

Finally, she confirmed that she will not be participating in the event in 2021.”I came through this tweet to warn everyone and
Multishow that I will perform at the award this year. Thank you for the invitation, but where I’m not welcome, I’d rather not be just polite. Happy party everyone
“, he wrote.

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Award Nominations

The full list of nominees Multishow Award 2021 Released on Monday (18). This time, it was he who came out ahead AnitaNominated five times: “Singer of the Year”, “Performer of the Year”, as well as “Song of the Year” and “TVZ Clip of the Year” for “Girl from Rio”and again in the “TVZ Clip of the Year” category for the hit song Turbo mode.

Luisa Sunza It came right after that, with four nominations – including “TVZ Clip of the Year” nominations for “Turbo Mode” and “Attention” as well as “Singer of the Year” and “Performer of the Year.”

Anita Luisa Sunza Marina Sina
Anitta leads the nominations with 5 nominations. Soon, Luisa Sonza followed suit with four, as well as new pop star Marina Sena. (Images: Getty, clone/Instagram, Fernando Tomaz)

Marina Sina, from Minas Gerais, competing for the “Try” award, was also one of the highlights. In total, she also competes in four categories of awards – only three of them are in the “Superjury” category: “Vision of the Year”, “Song of the Year” and “Album of the Year” for the wonderful “De Primeira”. After appearing on the charts thanks to their hits, Israel and RudolphAnd Joao Gomez was nominated three times, the same number of nominations as the veteran Luan Santana. Voting with all candidates is open to Multishow’s website It continues until the fourth of December.

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The “Multishow Award 2021” will be held on December 8, 2021 in Rio de Janeiro. Tata Wernick NS behind He will repeat the dose and the prize will be presented again. Last year, the duo was accompanied by the late Paulo Gustavo, which – which We left in May of this year After an uphill battle against COVID-19. The ceremony will also honor the comedian, who made history at the National Comedy and for many times on that stage. Check out the full list of candidates Here.