March 30, 2023
Mother of girl slammed by Vera Viel refutes ex-model: 'thin'

Mother of girl slammed by Vera Viel refutes ex-model: ‘thin’

The 46-year-old former model became Vera Feil A target for criticism on social media, after a fat comment by a celebrity appeared in 2015. At the time, she told a kid that in order to be a model, “I have to be skinny.” Today, the girl’s mother, Magna Peixoto, has confronted the wife of Lieutenant Colonel Rodrigo Farrow.

In an interview with SBT’s “Fofocalizador”, Magna said Vera Viel’s public apology on Instagram brings “kind words” aimed at fans, but she doesn’t feel the famous woman was trying to communicate directly with her daughter.

He said, “About the apology, I think there were many beautiful words for her fans, but at no time did she only speak to Duda. She spoke beautiful words only to her fans, to her fans,” he said.

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Duda is a girl who dreamed of being a model and used to share her photos on social networks, tagging celebrity profiles, in order to get a vision. In a 2015 post, the girl wrote in the caption that she was too skinny and Vera Viel made a comment that said, yes, it was “I need to be skinny to be a model and cute.”

A print with commentary has gone viral recently on TikTok and the former model has become the target of criticism on social media.

With the fallout, the former model spoke out through an apology shared yesterday on her Instagram profile, where she took on her “responsibilities and positions” and admitted that she advocated “I need to be skinny to enter the fashion industry, this is how the market worked” while she was a model.

Vera Feil claims she “never” intended to “make her look so fat or skinny that her dreams will be disrupted”.

“I responded to the comment by saying yes, you’re skinny and to be a model you have to be skinny! The world was like that and we were a part of it. What a stupid and irresponsible idea, I am a woman who has lived in this cruel world of having to conform to a standard, mother of three, Do you agree?” said the former model.

“Regardless of other people’s judgment, what worries me is my conscience. Knowing that this sentence was not written with the intention of publishing it. However, just imagine that he (even without intent) might be responsible for pruning the dream of a child I feel sad and wanting to make up. It’s been so many years. And I can’t imagine how much your pain and your disappointment. May time have healed any kind of hurt and I hope that you are truly a happy and satisfied woman, being who you want to be, what you want to be and how you want to be,” concluded Vera Vail.