June 14, 2024

Luis Fabiano, ex-São Paulo, victim of financial pyramid and lost 280,000 Brazilian riyals

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Luis Fabiano, ex-São Paulo, victim of financial pyramid and lost 280,000 Brazilian riyals
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Luis Fabiano invested R$400,000 (Image: Publicity) (Credit: Reproduction Instagram)

Former striker Luis Fabiano, a Sao Paulo idol, was recently victimized by scammers. He has had a hit with other famous actors, such as actors Juliana Paes and Murillo Rosa. Luis will now go to court to try to recover about R$280,000. This information was published by O Dia newspaper.

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“The coup was implemented in the form of a pyramid against specific and determined victims,” ​​the São Paulo public prosecutor said.

In the case of Luis Fabiano, the asset manager, Fabrizio Casarini Gonçalves, was the one who joined in with the investment. Promised profitability was 4% to 8%, much higher than normal investments.

Luis Fabiano invested 400,000 Brazilian riyals in this field. According to UOL, he only recovered 120,000 R$. Then the crooks disappeared.

With the coup, F2S Intermed de Negócios made a total profit of R$1.2 million, adding frauds applied to all victims.

The MP demanded the arrest of 4 suspects involved in the business: Fernando de Sousa Silva, Alison Alcovorado de Araujo, Clyde Pereira de Alencar and Thiago Prado de Santa Barbara.

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