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Zee Felipe says of the Brazilians’ horror in Cancun: “About three can be carried by a hurricane” | Fabia Oliveira

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Zee Felipe says of the Brazilians' horror in Cancun: "About three can be carried by a hurricane" |  Fabia Oliveira

Zee Philippe during the interview on Podpahreproduction

Posted on 08/19/2021 9:57 PM

Zé Felipe has a loose mouth and this Thursday (19), he got into controversy by commenting on the hurricane passing through Cancun, Mexico and where some Brazilian digital artists and influencers chose to enjoy their vacation. When asked about the episode, Leonardo’s son fired the act. “I think there are about three a hurricane can carry. It’s just a walk to see Cancun from above, and it’s more beautiful than just one f***. Just to take a ride over a hurricane, riding a hurricane is great, and few people do. Guys from Londrina If you want to ride a hurricane…”

It should be noted that Zee Neto, actress Thila Ayla and influencers Lucas Rangel, Alvexaro, Camila Loris and Pedro Rezende, a former friend of Virginia was born in Londrina. Zé Felipe also assumed in an interview with the Podpah podcast that he wasn’t too interested in “the people from Londrina.” “I don’t like them very much, no. I wish you all the best, God bless you, and you prosper very much, but I don’t like him, no. I don’t wish too much, but I don’t like it,” he said.

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