March 3, 2024

Maceio City Council

Responsible for receiving complaints, complaints, suggestions, compliments and other manifestations from citizens in relation to the services and assistance provided by the SUS, the objective of the SUS Ombudsman in Maceió is to ensure and expand the access of citizens in the effective pursuit of their rights, serving as a management tool and a tool for strengthening social control.

Formally created in 2006, the municipal SUS Ombudsman has, over the years, strengthened its role as one of the main channels of communication between the citizen and the Public Health Department, with the aim of ensuring the quality of services provided not only within the structure of the municipal health secretariat (SMS) – health units and services Other – but also in outpatient and hospital services contracted by SUS.

According to the SUS Ombudsman in Maceió, Josiene Barbosa, the Ombudsman acts as a mediator between the user and the administration, in order to ensure that citizens are heard and seek to resolve their claims.

“The main objective of the SUS Ombudsman in Maceió is to facilitate the user’s access to public service, simplifying procedures. It bridges the gap between the administration and the citizens, thus acting as a mediator in these relations so that the quality of communication between the two parties is guaranteed. Its mission is to enable the citizens’ rights to be heard and their demands met personal and even collective. In addition, the Ombudsman is an administrative tool that qualifies the full service of the public health network,” he says.

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In 2022, the SUS Ombudsman in Maceió received a Certificate of Participation in the SUS Ombudsman Institutional Accreditation Process. This recognition is due to the fact that Ombudsman Maceo is the first, among the 24 ombudspersons in the country, to fulfill all stages of the process leading to the award of the Institutional Seal of Accreditation, which will be delivered in 2023.

The SUS Ombudsman in Maceió has been recognized by the Ministry of Health as one of the most successful experiences in the field of ombudsman services in the country. In this way, the sector made a difference in the municipality, as it strengthened its role as one of the main channels of communication between citizens and the Public Health Department.

“We are available to the population to receive complaints, convictions, supplements, requests and suggestions related to the services provided by the SUS network in the municipality, giving appropriate referrals to the request and ensuring the flexibility of the user’s response. We represent the appearance of this user who uses the public health system, ”promotes the Ombudsman.

How to connect?

The SUS Ombudsman works in Maceió at the headquarters of the Municipal Health Secretariat (Rua Dias Cabral, 569 – Centro), from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 1 pm. Contacts can also be made over the phone. (82) 3312-5441 or through emails [email protected] And [email protected].

short message

Rua Dias Cabral, 569 – downtown
CEP 57020-250 // Tel: 82 3312-5400
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 2 pm.