April 13, 2024
Maduro accused the CIA of plotting his murder

Maduro accused the CIA of plotting his murder

Caracas – President of Venezuela, Nicolás MaduroAccused this Friday, 2, the CIA He rhetorically wonders if his American enemy is planning his assassination in conjunction with the US Southern Command. Joe Biden, gave them recognition.

“Did Joe Biden approve Donald Trump’s orders to take Venezuela into civil war and kill us? Yes or no? I’m asking,” Maduro said in a move to encourage the military about the visit of William, director of the CIA. Burns, and the head of the Southern Command, Admiral Craig Faller, to neighboring Colombia and Brazil.

“What did they do? Our sources in Colombia assure us that they came to prepare a plan to attack my life and the lives of important political and military leaders. President Joe Biden approved the plan to assassinate me and important American political and military leaders. Venezuela? Yes or no?” He added that.

Maduro, who has not provided evidence, frequently denounces coup plots, military invasions and assassinations, blaming the United States and regional allies such as Colombia and Brazil, which dismiss it as a fraud and symbolically recognize him as Venezuela’s president. Chairman Juan Quito.

Maduro on Friday accused the CIA and the US Southern Command of plotting his assassination. Photo: Miraflores Palace via REUTERS

Maduro’s relations with Trump were particularly strained. The former US president imposed tough financial sanctions on Venezuela and state oil company PDVSA, while saying “all options”, including the military, were on the table regarding the Caribbean nation.

The Chavista government said it had blocked a seaborne incursion by mercenaries from Colombia in 2020 and sought to overthrow him, backed by Washington. Two former US soldiers, Luke Alexander Denman and Aaron Perry, were arrested and sentenced to 20 years in prison, charged with terrorism and other crimes.

While not yet endorsing Maduro, the Biden administration has distanced itself from the Trump line on the Venezuela crisis.

In a statement issued jointly by the United States and the European Union with Canada last Friday, They were open to reconsidering the sanctions against Venezuela If there are breakthroughs in talks between the government and the opposition that will lead to “credible, inclusive and transparent local, legislative and presidential elections”. /AFP