September 28, 2023

The President of Venezuela has condemned Donald Trump’s comments

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday rejected former US President Donald Trump’s statements about his intention to “get” all the oil in the South American nation during his administration.

In an action after a meeting between Iranian and Venezuelan delegations, the head of state said Trump had declared his crime against humanity against the people of the South American nation.

“Two days ago, former US President Donald Trump declared his crime against the Venezuelan people as a crime against humanity; he declared that the purpose of the aggressions and economic sanctions against Venezuela is to provoke the collapse of the Venezuelan society. The US imperialist power can seize Venezuela’s oil, Venezuela’s wealth. A good lawyer” “One side does not need to prove what the other has agreed to,” he said.

He asserted that this was the objective of imperialism, to seize the wealth of its people, and that “because Venezuela is the world’s major certified oil reserve, they wanted to come and control the oil.”

“These belong only to the people of Venezuela and to no one else. Trump cannot do with Venezuela, no empire can do with Venezuela, because we are committed to ideals. [Simón] Bolivar, in the ideal of Chávez, to build a free country, to build it with our own efforts, we do, a new economic prosperity, a new economic model, with new resources for our motherland, for our country”, he stressed. .

During a public event over the weekend, Trump admitted that when he left the presidency, Venezuela was “on the brink of collapse” and that his administration had seized all the oil in the South American country.

“When I left, Venezuela was on the brink of collapse. We would have taken all that, we would have taken all that oil. It was next door, but now we buy oil from Venezuela,” he said.