March 26, 2023
Maju Fantástico opens with incredible and unprecedented news

Maju Fantástico opens with incredible and unprecedented news

Maju Coutinho and Poliana Abritta open Fantástico with news unprecedented in World Cup history

On Sunday night (20), another version of “Fantástico” was premiered on Globo, under the lead Magu Coutinho And the Poliana Abretta🇧🇷 As usual, the online magazine covered the most important topics in Brazil and the world, and the first topic was the opening of the World Cup, which takes place in the afternoon.

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This year’s World Cup is being held in Qatar, an Arabian peninsula country known for its futuristic skyscrapers and modern architecture inspired by ancient Islamic design. In the first match, the host country suffered an embarrassment and lost to Ecuador, which was unprecedented in history.

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Magu Coutinho, along with Poliana Abretta, brought the shocking news to the home crowd and called for a report. The article presented the details of the opening ceremony of the World Cup and the citizens’ joy in hosting such an important event in their country. One of those interviewed by the “Fantástico” reporter said he had been waiting for the event for 12 years.

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The online magazine led by Maju Coutinho and Poliana Abritta also featured “Central da Copa”, a production Globo will be in charge of covering the event at the station. the singer Jojo TudinhoEx-player Uniqueamong other characters will be responsible for the show and for not letting any show go unnoticed.

Fantástico opened with a report on the World Cup (Image: Reproduction)

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