December 8, 2022
"Manipulation makes Arthur Aguiar's rejection grow at BBB 22"

“Manipulation makes Arthur Aguiar’s rejection grow at BBB 22”

Arthur Aguiar was the second most voted for the Quadruple Wall Eliminates Jessilane. The former Rebelde had 28.54% in the hot seat which came second in the vote”BBB 22″, just behind the wall that resulted in Jade Picon’s departure.

In the Splash Show Today (18), Fefito estimates that Arthur received a large percentage of the vote because the audience realized that his game strategies were manipulative.

Arthur Agiar’s rejection grows more and more conscious when they try to manipulate us, to the point that his friends on the inside have already noticed, too.

According to the columnist, the behavior of Myra Cardi’s husband inside the house is calculated in favor of his novel.

Arthur forces himself to sleep more to reinforce the narrative that he is a persecutor and that he is not isolating himself for nothing, it is a compulsion to exclude him. There are those who buy it, but their refusal has increased for this.

This morning, while Arthur and Scooby were arguing in the kitchen, Gustavo He commented that the actor “always puts himself in the victim’s shoes”..

The fighting began after the former rebel questioned once again the standards of his allies not to consider the false wall a hot seat. The criteria chosen by the members of the “Disney” group led to the actor being nominated by the Allies for the dispute, which ended on Sunday.

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