June 24, 2024

Marcelinho Carioca is the third to be removed from reality

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Marcelinho Carioca is the third to be removed from reality

Marcelino from rio, 49, was the third disqualified from the “Brazil Masked Singer”. Tonight, a former player in football He performed as Coqueiro with the song “Eu me in love with the wrong person”, composed by Exaltasamba and “Alma Gêmea” by Fabio Jr., but lost the musical battles and bid farewell to the 150,000 R$ of reality show From Red Globo.

After the mask was revealed, the ex-footballer was in tears when he remembered his life path and thanked him for his experience on the show. “If the son of a street sweeper arrives, and wins in sports and education, anyone can do it! But there is something extraordinary, I’ve never sung in my life, I never got a needle. It was something extraordinary in my life,” he said. I took singing lessons.

wrong guesses

Despite causing a huge surprise to the judges, Marcelino Carioca twice presented his identity on stage in “The Masked Singer of Brazil”.

At the premiere, the former player declared that he “loves to go to the middle of the field with the other trees and kicks the spirits” in reference to his fame as a soccer free-kick specialist.

In addition, he also left the phrase “I’ve been around 180 times” as evidence. Nicknamed “Angel’s Foot” for the size of his foot, the former midfielder is a fetish in Corinthians And the sport marked 180 passes in the São Paulo football team jersey.

Even with the advice, none of the five jurors got their guesses right: Mariana Zimenes took advantage of Lucio Mauro Filho, Edo Stirbic pointed to Paulo Petti, Simon made his point to Rafael Zulu, Tes Araujo spoke of Jonathan Azevedo, and Rodrigo Lombardi bet on Jonathan Hagen. . .

battle night

The third night of “The Masked Singer Brasil” brought together four participants to showcase their musical talents on stage. reality Da Globo: Arara, Astronauta, Coconut Palm and Girasole.

The four participants faced each other in two matches and the two least voted players won the chance to make a third bid. Thus, the judges managed to save one of the contestants, while the other said goodbye to the musical reality show.

The best night of the program was voted, and Unicórnio also sang the song “Lua de Cristal, from Xuxa Menegel. However, the participation was only private to the audience at the opening of the music program.

Girasole and Kokiro opened the night of the presentations. Girasole’s character sang “Hajj Amour” by Luis Caldas, while Kokiro sang “Eu Mi in Love with the Wrong Person” by Exaltasamba.

In audience preference, Girassol won the fight with 74% of the vote and set Coqueiro to fight for survival in the program in a replay.

Then Arara and Astronauta performed on the Rede Globo stage. Arara brought the song “Belisa Rara” by Yvette Sangallo. The astronaut, in turn, sang “Rocket Man” to Elton John.

Arara won the fight and moved to the next stage of the “Brazilian singer” with 62% of the vote.

In the replay, Coqueiro returned to the stage to sing “Alma Gêmea” by Fábio Jr. Astronauta showed all his musical talent by composing “A Lua e Eu” by Casiano.

After discussion by the judges, the astronaut was rescued to follow in “The Masked Singer of Brazil”. Coquero, in turn, was revealed and Brazil discovered that the guest was former footballer Marcelino Carioca.

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