June 18, 2024

Jose de Abreu sues INSS for account change; Understand the controversy

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Jose de Abreu sues INSS for account change;  Understand the controversy
Credit: Disclosure / TV Globo

José de Abreu (Credit: Divulgation/TV Globo)

Jose de Abreu, 75, who has been retired since June 2011, filed a lawsuit in JFRJ (Federal Judge in Rio de Janeiro) against INSS (National Institute for Social Security). According to the information that the UOL had access to, in the procedure, the representative requests the re-deposit of his retirement values ​​​​in the indicated bank account, as well as the receipt of amounts that could have been erroneously reversed due to a change in the data.

“With the aim of the petitioning authority re-depositing the retirement funds into the aforementioned account and canceling the receipt of the amounts without justification,” said a decision issued on April 20.

According to O Globo newspaper, Abreu regularly received his retirement until the end of 2019. With this, without any request or motive, as the artist claims in the process, the deposit account was changed, from an agency in Rio to an agency in Nova. Iguazu. With this change, INSS began to undo its retirement.

Always active on social networks, Jose de Abreu has not yet publicly commented on this topic.

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